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dino fever

Dino Fever! All Things Dinosaur In & Around San Antonio

Ever since YouTube featured Jurassic World ads before the unboxing videos, my four-year-old has been obsessed with all things dinosaur. But we all know that dinosaurs are more than just a fad! Here’s a list of places and ways to indulge your child’s dino obsession: Local Attractions Discover the Dinosaurs (Freeman Expo Hall, 3201 E. Houston St., San Antonio, Texas 78219 | […]

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Ella's Story

Dining Out with Multiple Food Allergies: Ella’s Story

As moms, we have an innate need to nourish our children as we see best fit. And when we can’t, it really stinks. When my twins were born six weeks premature weighing four pounds and without the sucking reflex, I watched them eat through feeding tubes. It was heartbreaking to watch machines do what was […]

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Rhea Lana's Consignment San Antonio

Make Easy Money Before School Starts and Save Big On Kids’ Clothing

Alamo City Moms Blog is excited to have our sponsor from Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment share more about her upcoming event. Her team is hosting a resale extravaganza on the northwest side of San Antonio during tax-free weekend. She’d like to inform our community on how to to make money by selling, saving big on shopping, and volunteering. […]

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Attachment Parenting: Breaking through the Hullabaloo

Attachment Parenting: Breaking through the Hullaballoo

We live online surrounded by emotional words vying for our readership. Loosely brandished inflammatory headers get major feels, attention, and clicks. Inundated with blogs, vlogs, and video clips of everyone’s opinion on everything—from apples to oranges, painting to parenting—we fall victim to extreme headlines and articles that value quantity over quality. We’re pushed to divide: […]

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Ten Reasons Why I Plan to Teach My Daughter to Hunt

What I’m about to tell you may seem controversial or even outrageous. It’s inspired many a heated discussion with friends and opinionated Facebook acquaintances and will no doubt continue to raise questions, but I wanted to let you know something. I’m a normal, suburban-dwelling, Target-shopping, polka dot-loving wife and mom…and I hunt. I am just […]

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arctic cover

Summer Fun at Arctic Ape Frozen Desserts

At Alamo City Moms Blog, we love local businesses, so when our advertising sponsor Arctic Ape Wild Desserts invited our North East Neighborhood Group in for a fun afternoon, we jumped at the opportunity! Arctic Ape isn’t just your run-of-the-mill yogurt shop. It’s a place where community is encouraged. It’s an atmosphere that invites you […]

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