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In Defense of RBF

In Defense of RBF

Pop quiz! Do any of these apply to you? Has a stranger ever told you to smile? Do your kids ever ask you why you’re mad when you are sitting peacefully? Has anyone ever said, “Wow, you’re actually not as mean as I thought you were before we met”? Does your spouse ever ask you what’s […]

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San Antonio Scoop

San Antonio Scoop: Family Fun in the Alamo City for September 4–10

Woohoo! It’s Labor Day Weekend. With the extended weekend come multi-day events and festivities. Take a close look at the events listed under “Ongoing” to plan your weekend. But don’t forget the kid-friendly activities at Friedrich Park and the San Antonio Museum of Art also happening this weekend. Have you been following the Save the Date section […]

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Does sex ed for your kids leave you stumped? Check out this approach.

Sex Ed: Why I’ll Tell My Kids Anything

I’m pretty much an open book. My friends tell me that I spit “mad truth.” I’m pretty sure that means I’m not shy with my opinions or assessments of a situation; I don’t hold back, and I’m reasonably accurate. That philosophy, good or bad, pervades my parenting style. It even crosses over into my approach […]

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Children in Nature at the San Antonio Botanical Garden, Cibolo Nature Center & Farm, Mitchell Lake Audubon Center | Alamo City Moms Blog

Children in Nature at the San Antonio Botanical Garden, Cibolo Nature Center & Farm, and Mitchell Lake Audubon Center

Healthy, happy kids who run around outside, yell, laugh, and get muddy and then come inside, clean up, wolf down a square meal, and cuddle on the couch with a book… That’s what we all want, right? But with our busy, scheduled lives, it takes planning and deliberate action to protect our families’ outside play […]

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Seven Annoying Facebook Moms

Seven Annoying Facebook Moms

There’s a new crop of annoying moms on Facebook. I’m not talking about hashtag over-users. Please—that’s so 2014. I’m not talking about the compulsive check in-ers or the “like” happy friend we all have with whom we don’t really know how or why we became friends in the first place. Everyone is used to those […]

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Setting Up a Frozen Meal Swap (1)

Setting Up a Frozen Meal Swap

Does the idea of a stocked freezer full of ready-to-eat food for your family make your heart dance? Do you have friends who would like freezers full of food for their families, too? Have you ever thought about starting a freezer meal swap? I’ve been part of a meal swap group, and I love it! […]

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Morning Sickness.pic

Morning Sickness: Diary of a Wimpy Mama

Dear Diary… 5 weeks I am writing this exactly five weeks into my longed-for pregnancy. Whoever said that infertility veterans should not complain about pregnancy symptoms is a jerk. You know I’m no whiner. You know I have a crazy pain tolerance—both physically and emotionally—but this is bringing me to my knees. I look like death warmed […]

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TRUE LIFE: Marriage Counseling Saved My Marriage

Marriage Counseling: Why It Works for My Marriage and How It Might Work for Yours, Too!

It’s hard to talk about (or blog about) certain topics. We’re launching a new series: True Life. Here is the first of many! Have you gone to counseling? You’re not alone!   My husband and I have worked very hard to keep our marriage strong throughout the past several years, but honestly, it hasn’t always […]

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What is Community Property?

What’s Yours is Mine…Or Is It?: A Laywoman’s Guide to Community Property

Here at ACMB, we’ve noticed an increasing number of readers are relatively new to San Antonio, and perhaps to Texas and its community-property system. And, the Supreme Court’s recent Obergefell decision means that Alamo City moms who enter same-sex marriages will become subject to the same rules that historically have applied to opposite-sex marriages. So, the topic of […]

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Hooray, I Bought a House...Now What?

Hooray, I Bought a House…Now What?! Top 12 Things to Do as a New Home Owner

Purchasing a home can be one of the biggest decisions a family makes. We are excited to partner with advertising partner and local REALTOR® Lorena Peña to bring San Antonio families important information about their home-buying experience.  Congratulations! You have saved, picked a great REALTOR®, walked through a few (or a lot!) of houses, negotiated, […]

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