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A Heartfelt Message From Alamo City Moms Blog

Alamo City Moms Blog recently ran a post about one mom’s story of being followed by a couple in a local grocery store. The author, whose child was lured away from her while walking into the store, shared her experience because the foundation of our website is simple: moms helping other moms. Our team works diligently to educate and inform parents in San Antonio about a wide range of topics and we felt that highlighting ways that parents can help keep their children safe was an important story to share. The story was picked up by local news media and there are now claims that she has recanted her story, which she has not. As she outlined in her post, she has been working with the store, as well as local law enforcement, and continues to cooperate with all investigations. The post was shared not to sensationalize the story, but rather to give useful tips about keeping children safe in public settings as these situations can and do happen, even in comfortable, familiar surroundings. We stand by our contributor and appreciate her telling a personal account of what happened in hope of helping community members become more aware of their surroundings and to be vigilant about the safety of their children.

Alamo City Moms Blog’s goal is to uplift and unite moms in our community. Due to the negative comments and division that the post was causing not only to our team but towards other readers, we have chosen to take the post down. We continue to stand behind the ACMB team.

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