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Reasons to Love Core Physique Studios, Including First Class Free!

Alamo City Moms Blog is excited to partner with Core Physique Studios located in the Quarry Village. Today, contributor and recent mom, Bridget, shares her experience trying Core Physique Studios’ unique workout. Mummy Tummy. Baby Belly. Whatever you like to call it—yep, I’ve got it. This extra padding is something new to me and something […]

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25 weeks

Ode to My Second Trimester

As I head into the homestretch of this pregnancy, I often reflect back on the different phases and stages that I’ve been through in the last seven months. I’ve shared with you, our readers, the joys of my first trimester and its gift of morning sickness. I’ve also shared with you the unexpected emotional baggage of […]

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Morning Sickness.pic

Morning Sickness: Diary of a Wimpy Mama

Dear Diary… 5 weeks I am writing this exactly five weeks into my longed-for pregnancy. Whoever said that infertility veterans should not complain about pregnancy symptoms is a jerk. You know I’m no whiner. You know I have a crazy pain tolerance—both physically and emotionally—but this is bringing me to my knees. I look like death warmed […]

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summer black bean and corn salsa dip (1)

Summer Black Bean & Corn Salsa Dip

I love entertaining in the summer. It’s so much more relaxed and laid back. I love entertaining, period, but summer gatherings call for family-style lunches, cool drinks, and fun in the sun with neighbors and friends. My go-to appetizer dip to have out when family and friends come over is a black bean and corn […]

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Finding Humor in IVF

Finding Humor in IVF

“Laughter is the best medicine.” “One day you’ll look back on this and laugh.” “Laugh until you cry.” If you are going through infertility—and more specifically, if you are in the middle of an IVF cycle—you may think there’s not much to laugh about. Cry about? Yes, that’s for sure. But I promise if you […]

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Doesn’t Mom Get a Sick Day, Too?

It’s 9:00 P.M. and the kids are finally in bed. I flop down on the couch and start to feel hot. It’s probably just my usual random hot flashes (don’t ask—I’ve got a lot going on hormonally). When it doesn’t subside, I blame the cold air and our overachieving heater. My husband agrees to turn on […]

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Oscar the Only: It's Never Too Late for a Moms Dream

It’s Never Too Late for a Dream

It’s no secret that I love reading and writing.  As you may have guessed, this blog is my creative outlet for these passions that I have determined (accurately or not) will unlikely pay my bills and provide health insurance for my family. I am a frustrated author at heart who enjoys wistfully reading stories of […]

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