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It's hard for me to believe now that I EVER wanted to skip a moment like this.

Ready or Not, Here I Grow: A Mother’s Chronicles in Being So Very Far From Ready

Have you ever experienced that phenomenon wherein something that you look at every day inexplicably becomes invisible to you? Maybe it’s an ever-growing stack of mail that manages to escape your peripheral vision, a pile of laundry that needs to be sorted, or maybe the mantel that you always mean to redecorate but somehow never do. […]

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It was a natural impulse to include the dogs in our first maternity photo shoot. I'm reluctant to  admit that they haven't been featured in a family photo since.

Dogs, Husband, Kids: It’s Complicated

My pug Frankie had yet another near death experience this week. Frankie laughs in the face of cats with their meager nine lives. He’s enjoyed 18 and counting. This time Frankie ate a tube of intensive strength Desitin that someone had carelessly left within his reach in the presumably harmless 20 minute window reserved for taking […]

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Surviving Your Spouse’s Business Trip: Tips from the Trenches

I am often bewildered by people’s Facebook status updates, but one particular variety of announcement used to cause me particular consternation. I’d read comments from my friends like “counting down the hours until my husband returns from California” or “this is THE LAST TIME I’m letting my husband  travel for work” and wonder what exactly these […]

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