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May All That You Do Be Done In Love

May All That We Do Be Done In Love

I’ve been an ACMB contributor for almost two years now, and I keep on avoiding a topic: race. Honestly I haven’t written about it for all sorts of good reasons. The biggest one being that I’m white. I’m not an expert, plus white women are socialized to not talk about race. It’s not polite. Even though […]

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This is a great list of things to do with your teens and tweens in San Antonio.

Tweens: 25+ Activities In and Around San Antonio

We all know that San Antonio is an awesome place to live and to visit. The opportunities for fun activities seems almost endless, but sometimes we get in a rut and forget about some of the great things our city offers. Or, if you are like me, your kids’ preferences are changing, and the activities that […]

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Are you parenting a pre teen and don't know which way is up? Check out this mom's approach.

The Work of Parenting Preteens

We are in the middle of learning all about parenting our newly minted preteens. A few weeks ago, Rob and I realized we needed a little course-correction in our parenting approach. It seemed as though our kids had suddenly forgotten much of what they know about being pleasant, helpful kids. Many of you have been […]

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These are great ideas! Check them out if you need new ideas for banning the phone at dinner.

Seven Practical Ideas for a Technology-Free Family Dinner

Kids and personal electronic devices: it’s a frequently discussed topic. Articles abound offering advice about how much time your kids should (or should not) spend on their iPad/Kindle/phone, which games on Xbox/Wii are acceptable (and which are not), or which TV show/movie is appropriate for your kids. This is not one of those articles. I’m […]

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Does sex ed for your kids leave you stumped? Check out this approach.

Sex Ed: Why I’ll Tell My Kids Anything

I’m pretty much an open book. My friends tell me that I spit “mad truth.” I’m pretty sure that means I’m not shy with my opinions or assessments of a situation; I don’t hold back, and I’m reasonably accurate. That philosophy, good or bad, pervades my parenting style. It even crosses over into my approach […]

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A Conversation About Risk

A Conversation About Risk

Do your pre-teen kids play unsupervised? How old is old enough to stay home alone? When do you let your kids walk to a friend’s house by themselves? Last week, Ashley shared with the rest of our contributor team an article about parents who were arrested after they let their pre-teens play unsupervised. It references a survey […]

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Holiday Stress Busters

Holiday Stress-Busters

I am really into Christmas—the music and lights and food and family time. I love the candlelight Christmas Eve service and the sweet nativity play for kids at church. This year I am particularly excited because we are going to have two weeks of unimpeded family time. Rob and I are taking off work and […]

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