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Learning Disability Awareness Month- Brain Balance San Antonio and Alamo City Moms Blog.

Learning Disability Awareness Month {Sponsored}

Education is a passion of mine.  As a first grade teacher, I have the honor of teaching children to read.  I truly love my job.  I also have the unique role of developing a relationship with parents and their children, and I have witnessed first hand how hard it is when a child struggles to […]

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Easy Breakfast Sandwiches

Homemade Family Fast Food Fun

My husband and I usually exchange small, inexpensive, thoughtful gifts at Christmas. I love coming up with fun little things that I think he will just love. This year, in addition to a bundle of the highest-rated dish towels on and several books, including Ron Burgundy’s poignant autobiography, I gave myself him a small […]

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The Kleenhanz Products I was given to sample

Kleenhanz {Sponsored Post}

The past month, I have enjoyed reacquainting myself with Kleenhanz towelettes. I actually purchased them back in 2010 when I had Ilana (and at that time bought anything that claimed to safely keep germs off your baby). I am not sure why I quit using them, but this blog post serendipitously reminded me of their […]

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Making Mornings Easier for Moms

We are now a week into school in San Antonio, and the back to school excitement has definitely faded at my house (that tends to happen with the first homework assignment!). Usually during the first week of school I don’t have too much trouble getting everyone up and out the door, but as time goes […]

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Ways to save money on outfitting your kiddos

Ways to Save on Outfitting Your Kids

Check your inventory Check your closet before you do anything else! Have your child try on everything he has in his closet that hasn’t been worn recently. Make a list of what is needed. When you make your list, make one for school clothes (uniforms maybe?) and one for regular every day clothes.  See where certain items can […]

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eat your vegetables

“Eat Your Vegetables!”

This summer we spent a lot of time at the pool, at the beach, and traveling.  I’ll be honest and say we ate more than our fair share of mini corn dogs and nachos at the pool grill this summer.  While lots of fresh fruit is always on our plates during summer, vegetables make rare […]

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Back to School Lunches

I don’t know where you are, but school starts up here next week, and we are trying to prepare ourselves for the early mornings and the full days of learning! I always start off the year with great intentions of perfectly packed lunches and smiling children. Somewhere around Tuesday of the first week, reality sets […]

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