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When Baby-Led Weaning Doesn't Work

When Baby-Led Weaning Doesn’t Work

Every now and then then I wistfully reflect on my breastfeeding experience with my two sons, now ages seven and five. Recently, my memories of lullabies and rocking chairs came to a screeching halt when I thought about one breastfeeding issue that most women don’t give much thought to: weaning. When my seven-year-old was first […]

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Breastfeeding needs more than a month.

Breastfeeding needs more than a month. So. Much. More.

It happened again last week: Another mom stopped breastfeeding. She had no implants, hadn’t had a breast reduction, and wasn’t taking any dangerous medications. She had no hormonal disorders or improperly treated thyroid ailments. She wasn’t addicted to drugs. Her son wasn’t weakened by a heart abnormality or other medical condition. He wasn’t premature or […]

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Breastfeeding for the Working Mom

Breastfeeding for the Working Mom

I was at lunch with a fellow attorney (and mommy) a couple of weeks before returning to work from a four-month maternity leave when she leaned in, winked, and said conspiratorially, “I’ll bet you’re excited to be done with breastfeeding!” Breastfeeding is such a personal decision. Breastmilk has proven benefits, but that said, I’ve known […]

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Attachment Parenting: Breaking through the Hullabaloo

Attachment Parenting: Breaking through the Hullaballoo

We live online surrounded by emotional words vying for our readership. Loosely brandished inflammatory headers get major feels, attention, and clicks. Inundated with blogs, vlogs, and video clips of everyone’s opinion on everything—from apples to oranges, painting to parenting—we fall victim to extreme headlines and articles that value quantity over quality. We’re pushed to divide: […]

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Extended Breastfeeding: The Normal Behind Nursing an Older Child

As a lactation consultant, childbirth educator and doula, I rarely discussed how long I breastfed. Students and clients knew I’d passed American Academy of Pediatrics [AAP] and the World Health Organization [WHO] initial recommendations. Both recommend exclusive breastfeeding the first 6 months of an infant’s life. AAP recommends breastfeeding for a year and then, as […]

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Lactation Law 101

It seems like yesterday that I was dealing with it: still in a postpartum haze, picking up my briefcase, and heading back to the office a mere 12 weeks after my first daughter was born. I had a snazzy new Medela Pump in Style tote, which I slung over the arm that wasn’t carrying my […]

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How to successfully nurse and pump... and work full time

How to Successfully Nurse, Pump, & Work Full-Time

Can your nursing relationship survive while working full-time? Yes, it is possible!  I breastfed for a total of 4 years, which includes 12 months of pumping, while serving full-time in the United States Air Force.  After some reflection, I realized a lot of  lessons about being successful in the military can be applied to being a successful […]

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