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Is a Supper Club the Solution to Your Meal-Planning Problem?

It shouldn’t be that hard, cooking dinner every night.  And yet, it’s so hard.  To cook dinner.  Every night. Before I had children, the challenge wasn’t time.  And, I enjoy cooking, so the nightly task never felt like a chore.  Back then, what made it hard was planning meals around the package sizes of ingredients.  […]

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DIY Foldable Scrapbook

DIY Foldable Scrapbook

I love scrapbooking.  Preserving memories on beautifully laid out pages with perfectly coordinated papers and accents is nirvana for my creative yet slightly OCD mind.  I list scrapbooking as an interest or hobby when filling out any “about me” questionnaire.  I spent an entire summer morphing our spare bedroom into a “craft” room, finally putting […]

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Evolution of the First Birthday

As a mom of six kids, I’ve had the opportunity to throw a few birthday parties. Over time my methodology has evolved and simplified. This past week, my youngest child turned one, and it made me think back to the differences between when my oldest turned one compared to my youngest. If you are the […]

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Birthday Party Resource

Party Invitations, Decorations and Supplies for the Best Birthday Yet

Birthday planning doesn’t need to be all characters and themed sets (though no one can blame you for the easy party planning!) when there are so many amazing birthday party resources in San Antonio and at your fingertip on the internet. Here are some of my favorite places to find birthday party necessities that are […]

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

It’s teacher appreciation week, which means a lot of pressure will be coming your way from your kids, the school and the PTA! Everyone wants to make sure that we show our teachers how much we love them. When my oldest was in kindergarten teacher appreciation was easy. There was only one teacher to appreciate! […]

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Gardening with Kids

Spring time in San Antonio is tremendous.  Beautiful weather, coveted rain showers, Fiesta, and pre-mosquito backyard time. Grab a glass of wine and head out back with your kiddos to start your summer garden. First, pick a spot.  Spend some time, glass in hand, chatting with your kids about the sunniest spot in the yard.  Take a few days […]

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spring themed random acts of kindness

Spring Time Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness are a wonderful way to brighten someones day – and sometimes it seems that after the winter holiday season passes the enthusiasm for RAKs (as random, or planned, as they may be) dies down. Vivi is learning to give (and loving it) and I want to nurture that. We’ve “Egged” our […]

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Preserving Family Memories – The Easy Way

The summer between sophomore and junior year in college, my roommate Katie and I scrapbooked our summer away. In between summer school classes, we’d marathon-watch movies and cut, glue, embellish, and tape our memories from the last year onto 12×12 pages and put them in our three post binders. We spend a LOT (like, a […]

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kids valentines

Five DIY Kids’ Valentines Ideas for the Not-So-Crafty

When I hear the words “kids” and “crafts” in the same sentence, I confess I always cringe a little. Many projects that are supposed to be fun quickly lose their luster when I discover that either (1) my child has little interest in actually completing them; (2) they involve messy materials and tiny pieces that […]

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Updating a Christmas Classic : Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough ornaments are one of those rights-of-passage crafts that every kid should get to enjoy – and every parent should get to experience on the “other side”. Salt dough is easy to make, super inexpensive, and practically indestructible. Give the old classic a modern twist with metallics, glitter or a monochromatic scheme. Preheat your […]

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