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True Confessions-

True Confessions: Fiesta Isn’t My Thing

Hi, my name is Dawn, and I’m just not into Fiesta. I heard those collective gasps. There isn’t a support group for people who aren’t into Fiesta? No “Fiesta Ambivalence Anonymous,” otherwise known as “I Live in San Antonio, But I Don’t Do Fiesta”? I’m willing to be the founding member. You’re still gasping for […]

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How to Survive Fiesta if You Hate Crowds

Can you participate in Fiesta if you hate crowds? It doesn’t even seem possible. But I’m here to tell you: it is! I’ve lived in San Antonio for seven years and just went to my first official Fiesta event last year. This year, I’ve made more of an effort to participate, but the thought of […]

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A Grown-up’s Guide to Fiesta Frivolity

My family loves all of the family-friendly Fiesta events. Ryan and I annually attend parades, fireworks, fairs, and festivals with our four kids in tow. But the flip side of all of this family fun is that Fiesta is overflowing with opportunities to spend grownup quality time with your girlfriends and significant other. Here are my picks […]

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Texas Home

Welcome to Texas: A Quick-Start Guide for Non-Native Texans

So, you’ve decided to move to Texas and become a Texas transplant. Me too! That’s right: I’m not from Texas, but according to Lyle Lovett, Texas wants me anyway. And I hope so, because here I am. And, as it turns out, I love it here. There are a lot of guides extolling the culture […]

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Kids’ Fiesta Fashion for Every Budget

Fiesta is here! Mamas, it’s time to get out your embroidered tops and capris, your white jeans, your bohemian accessories, your brightly colored sundresses and your sandals. That takes care of YOUR Fiesta wardrobe, but your kids are growing a mile a minute, and more likely than not, last year’s Fiesta outfits aren’t going to […]

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