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A Chat with a BASIS Charter School Parent

ACMB is happy to partner with BASIS Charter Schools to share information about their schools and upcoming Open House on November 15, 2017. This is a sponsored post.   A Chat with a BASIS Charter School Parent Interviewee: David Hubalik, BASIS Chandler Primary South Kindergarten parent and an Associate Vice President of BASIS Charter Schools […]

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Neither Here Nor There: Ni De Aqui, Ni De Alla

Everything has a culture: a school, a family, a country, a state, a company. Any group of people under a similar identity has a culture that helps unite it. After getting married, my husband and I began building our family culture, whether it was intentional or not. We both felt strongly about some things and […]

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will someone shoot us

Will Someone Shoot Us?

“Mama, will someone shoot us when we are at church?” It’s a valid question from an eight-year-old Texan. Texas, Las Vegas, New York City, and more. Dr. Sears and Dr. Spock forgot the chapter on Children Coping with Mass Shootings. What to Expect When You’re Expecting didn’t expect this conversation. Ever vigilant, Mr. Rogers didn’t […]

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I Promise You Belong

Hey, you! Yeah, you! I promise you belong here. I know you’re looking around the room worried that no one has your problems. No one else’s kids are wearing mismatched socks and a little bit of their breakfast on their shirts. I know you are smiling through your worry that you’re underdressed, that you left […]

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When Dinosaurs Invade Our House

A couple of years ago I saw a post about two parents, Refe & Susan Tuma, who wrote an adorable book about how they convinced their children that dinosaurs take over their home every November and get into all sorts of trouble. They encouraged people to make their own Dinovember and post pictures, and I […]

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A Few Choice Words About Red Ribbon Week

Hooray, moms! Rejoice and hallelujah! We’ve made it through Red Ribbon Week. And good news! Most of us didn’t strangle a kid. I say “most,” because I didn’t see Carter at drop-off this morning. He was painted head to toe camouflage—like face, hands, elbows, and all—on “Drugs Can’t See Me” Day yesterday, and his mom, […]

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To the Mamas Zoning Out on Their Phones

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably clenching and bracing yourself for a heaping helping of sanctimommy. Hear me out. I took my kids to martial arts today. They’re only seven, so I stay there while they take their 45-minute class. I guess I could say I “stay there and watch.” I hardly ever do. […]

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me too

#metoo: Our Experiences, Our Every Day

Unless you have been on a social media cleanse (lucky you!), you’ve probably noticed numerous posts beginning with “#metoo” lately. This tag originated with Tarana Burke, a survivor of assault who was looking for a way to provide “empowerment through empathy” in her community in 2007. Like Burke, the young people of color in her […]

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San Antonio in home medical care doctor

Remedy Urgent Care: A Busy Mom’s BFF

Updated Nov 2017 – Please note that Remedy has closed it’s doors in San Antonio and is no longer providing service in the area. ACMB is happy to partner with Remedy Urgent Care to share information about their services with our readers.  This is a sponsored post.   School drop-off. Work. Pick-up. Swimming. Reading minutes. […]

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Our Firstborn: A Journal (Part Four)

Disclaimer: This post is the fourth in a series about one ACMB Team Member’s experience with infant loss. (Click here to read “Our Firstborn: A Journal [Part Three].”) We understand that this post may include language and ideas that are difficult or traumatizing to some readers and urge you to stop reading if you feel […]

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Patrick Dempsey couldn't have been more gracious and caring for those who use the center.

Friendship, Cancer, & Dr. McDreamy

I know what you’re thinking. What does Patrick Dempsey and a cancer walk have to do with someone from San Antonio? Hang on, I’ll get to it. In September 2012, Seana, my best friend in the world, heard the worst four words one can hear after having cancer preventative surgery: You already have it. Stage […]

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