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My Child is Struggling, Now What? What To Do Next From Clarity Child Guidance Center.

Clarity Child Guidance Center (CGC) provides care for 8,000 children each year.  Hundreds more are evaluated for services.  Sometimes during an evaluation, a parent is told that their child is exhibiting normal behavior, even if it is frustrating and sometimes exhausting!  Or, a family may be referred to another organization for services. As a United […]

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Revelations from a Near-Drowning

Mild temperatures on fall days help make San Antonio a wonderful place to live, days with temperatures near 80 degrees in October. Five months ago, we were surrounded by family visiting from out of town, on one such weather-is-mega-cooperating day. Our family rented a house large enough for everyone to stay together, and on this […]

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2014: Hit the Ground Running – Part 3 {Sponsored}

In our 2014: Hit the Ground Running Series brought to you by New Balance San Antonio, we’ve covered gear and tips to getting out on the roads. Today, we’ll talk about safety. Getting out and hitting the street, whether you are walking, jogging, or running, is one of the easiest (and most inexpensive ways) to […]

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