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Instill a Love of Learning at La Petite Academy

City Moms Blog Network is pleased to bring you this sponsored post from Learning Care Group and La Petite Academy®. “Is it really worth it to send my child to preschool? Can you really teach a two-year-old?” As an early childhood educator and mother of three young children, I can tell you firsthand that the […]

Raspas, Fruit Cups, y Chamoy: A Tex-Mex Summer Love Affair

Growing up Mexican-American in San Antonio, my childhood memories are inextricably linked to the edible cultural staples that defined them. My maternal grandmother lived on Woodlawn, a couple block from the urban lake of the same name, and we spent many a weekend trotting down the block in search of the raspa truck that reliably […]

Bottling the Good: Jarring Memories to Stay Positive

Sometimes it’s hard to see the bright side. When you’ve had a rough day, it’s hard to see past the bad. Things seem to pile into a mountain of ick, especially when your world view is pint-sized. You had a fight with your BFF; your team lost the dodgeball game; you skinned your knee during […]

5 Tips for Breastfeeding Babies with Food Allergies

Both of my babies are allergic to dairy and soy. Food allergies present a serious challenge to your breastfeeding relationship, but with the right support and information, mother and baby can maintain their health and happiness while breastfeeding. Here are my top five tips for when you discover your new babe has a food allergy: […]

Girls’ Night Out in San Antonio: Downtown Edition

Parenting is hard, and eventually I need adult beverages with other ladies to save my sanity. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, though, meeting at the same place or doing the same things every time. When the opportunity for “me time” arises, I bolt out the door giving little thought to doing something […]

A Single Mom in the ’60s: An Interview with My Grandma

Some days, when being a mom has run me through the ringer, I go to bed hoping I’m doing OK. Am I nailing it? Screwing it up? But many moms have come out on the other side, sent all their kids off to live on their own, and can look back on their experience with […]


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