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I’m not a true San Antonian. I wasn’t born and raised here, and the Alamo City doesn’t lay claim to being my home town. But I have lived here for 5 years now, and I’ve still yet to do or see some of the most basic things that San Antonio is famous for.

I have not toured or even been inside the Alamo.  I’ve yet to step foot on the downtown trolleys or the river boats. It always seems that the most “touristy” things are the things that the locals avoid. Even though these things are what make our city famous, the crowds, the price and the tourist titles have been enough to deter me away. But lately I’ve been wondering about these very things…

I guess I should learn a little more about The Alamo other than the Pee Wee Herman taught fact that it doesn’t have a basement! And mini man has asked me more than once when we’re going to ride on one of the river boats.



We are constantly downtown for one thing or another, and maybe it’s about time that I look at it through a tourists wonder filled eyes and not take it for granted.

Now one thing that can motivate me to get out and about is a great deal! If you’re like me in that aspect, then you’ll love this because I’ve compiled a list for you of coupons specifically for downtown attractions.

If you’re a local Bexar county resident, you automatically get $2.25 off your river boat tour tickets or take the alamo trolley ultimate tour package and enjoy a FREE ticket to ride on the river! While you’re downtown, take advantage of these river walk restaurant and attraction coupons.  Ride the glass elevator up to The Tower of the Americas with this $2 off coupon, and don’t forget that The Alamo is always free to tour!

Don’t forget about Downtown Tuesdays, the city effort to give downtown back to the locals. There’s free parking, restaurant and bar deals as well as discounted tickets to various events!

Get out and see the “touristy” side of San Antonio!

*special thanks to Alvina from There’s Magic Out There for the use of The Alamo picture

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One Response to Hometown Tourist

  1. Lindsay
    Lindsay September 1, 2013 at 9:30 am #

    I love the Riverboat cruise! We always take friends when they come in town. The guides are great and every time we go I learn something new about San Antonio!