Fact or Fiction? Gender Predictions from a First Time Mom

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I’ve made it past the half way point in my pregnancy!  I’m feeling like a normal person again and have more than enough energy to participate in life again.  Smells don’t bother me (much) anymore and even though I haven’t developed any cravings my appetite has returned.  Thankfully I’m passing the stage where my baby bump could be mistaken for too much ice cream over the summer and I actually look pregnant.  Baby is strong enough that I can feel somersaults and wiggles all day long, a truly amazing experience!  Another great thing about being this far along was watching our little wiggle worm at our 20 week ultrasound.  We were excited to see how much our baby had grown since our last ultrasound around 10 weeks, and were incredibly thankful for a report of a healthy baby!

At this mid-point ultrasound the nurse asks every expectant mom and dad a big question: “Do you want to know the gender of your baby?”  For some people this is a weighted question.  Sometimes mom wants to know but dad doesn’t, or vice versa.  Some couples are determined to wait it out and let the surprise come at delivery.  We knew right away that we wanted to know the gender as soon as possible.  With so much uncertainty leading up to this pregnancy, we were ready for something solid to hold on to and plan for.  Of course, we’ve had a lot of fun guessing along the way!  We’ve learned of some interesting methods of gender prediction from various pregnancy books, things I’ve run across online, and ideas I’ve heard from friends along the way.

Gut feeling: We’ve both been asked if we “know” since the day we announced we were expecting.  At about 14 weeks I was sure it’s a girl; Jason agreed with me a few weeks later.

Morning sickness:  Some sources say that there is a link between severe morning sickness and gender.  If you are extremely sick it means you’re having a girl.  Even though I felt miserable for a few months I know it could be a lot worse, so for me this one would indicate boy.

Heart rate: At 12 weeks baby’s heart rate was 154.  Our doctor told us that a heart rate above 140 means it’s a girl.  Of course, then she laughed and said that’s only right about half the time!

Gender prediction quiz: Who doesn’t love a good online quiz?!  I found this one at Parents.com.  I answered 10 questions about how I’m carrying, my cravings, and some other odd things.  Results: it’s a boy!

Appetite: What to Expect When You’re Expecting states “Research shows that moms-to-be carrying boys tend to eat more than moms expecting girls” (p. 181).  Ask me this two weeks ago and I would have said girl all the way.  The fact that I’ve eaten half a bag of potato chips while writing this after dinner paints a slightly different picture.  Still, for the greater part of my pregnancy this one leans towards girl.

Chinese calendar: I’d never heard of this one before a friend asked me if I’d tried it yet.  I entered my birthday and due date and it calculated that my lunar age is 31 and the lunar month of conception was September.  Combined that (somehow) means I’m having a girl!

These “highly scientific” methods are guaranteed to be accurate…about 50% of the time, anyway!   We didn’t start buying things for the nursery until we consulted the medical experts and learned…

it's a girl


So….fact or fiction?  Four of these six predictions were correct.  We found out just before 20 weeks via ultrasound that the baby bumping around in my belly is a girl.  According to Whattoexpect.com, gender is determined as early as 10 weeks and can be discovered through amniocentesis at 100% accuracy.  There are also gender prediction kits you can do at home; we looked into these but decided to save our $40 from something that’s only about 80% accurate.  Of course, ultrasounds have been known to make mistakes too!

Did you find out the gender of your baby while pregnant, or wait to be surprised?  Any really crazy tests you’ve heard of?

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5 Responses to Fact or Fiction? Gender Predictions from a First Time Mom

  1. Katie September 2, 2013 at 7:39 pm #

    It’s so interesting to see how many different ways people try to predict baby’s gender. I’ve heard of a few people lately whose sonograms were incorrect and they got a BIG surprise when baby was born! Our doctor was pretty certain so we’re going full speed ahead with a pink nursery. However I did put some blue and green on our registry today to avoid a pink overload!

  2. Lindsay
    Lindsay September 1, 2013 at 11:15 pm #

    Katie- I did all of the same “tests” and everything said I was 100% having a girl (heart rate in particular, appetite a close second). The Chinese calendar did predict boy, which ended up being true, but our gut instinct was more accurate than anything else. Congratulations on your sweet baby girl and thank you for sharing your journey to motherhood with us!

  3. Alvina August 31, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

    I wanted to know the whole time! We didn’t try any of the gender predictors just sonograms. but sadly even after 4 sonograms they didn’t know what I was having! He always had his legs crossed or one thing or another happened all his cute sonogram pictures told me nothing! It wasn’t until he was born and lifted in the sky that the doctor announced “Its A Boy!” (happy tears)

    Happiest moment ever 🙂

    All the baby clothes I had waiting for him were blue either way because I said boy or girl MY favorite color is blue and so will my babys and now it is!

    • Lindsay
      Lindsay September 1, 2013 at 11:09 pm #

      Alvina- what an amazing story! 4 sonograms and he offered nothing? That boy is very modest!

  4. Brooke August 31, 2013 at 8:41 am #

    Yes, we found out with both – I’m an extreme planner! I’ve also heard to put a spoon on a string and hang it above your belly. The way it swings indicates the sex. Never tried it!
    Congrats on your sweet baby girl and thank you for sharing your journey with us!