Brain Balance Center of North San Antonio: A Dad’s Perspective {Sponsored}

Learning Disability Awareness Month- Brain Balance San Antonio and Alamo City Moms Blog.As part of our partnership with Brain Balance Center of North San Antonio, I was able to talk to the mom of a little boy whose behavior and overall well-being changed drastically after being involved in the Brain Balance program.   For this interview I was able to get the perspective of a Brain Balance dad whose five-year-old son has benefited from the innovative new programs offered for children facing social and learning disorders.

ACMB: What led you to Brain Balance Center of North San Antonio?

Dad: We noticed that our five-year-old, Tyler, was living in his own world.  He was developmentally behind benchmark wise and a mother’s intuition kicked in that something wasn’t right.  I agreed and there was no sign of anything medical happening with him to cause these issues.  The main things we were noticing weren’t related to misbehavior, but rather emotional/social.  The school recommended speech therapy, but after three months he made little to no progress.  We came to Brain Balance after thinking it might be ADHD and knowing that we didn’t want to turn to medication.  I have a degree in Biology and after meeting Zach and Amanda, I understood the science behind the program and we decided to try it.

ACMB: How long has Tyler been in the Brain Balance program and what differences have you noticed with him?

Dad: Tyler started the program four months ago and we saw quickly saw progress.  He started interacting with people more, especially with children instead of just adults.  He used to talk to himself and now he is more conversational, more coordinated, asks more questions, and we’ve seen progress with his motor skills.  Tyler is more emotionally stable and more rational.  He used to be very frustrated with homework that was as simple as coloring, and now he likes to do his homework.  Before, things weren’t “sinking in” and now he is able to communicate his thoughts, wants, and needs.  He’s matured and we are no longer getting notes and phone calls from the teacher about problems with his learning.

ACMB: What does the program entail from you as a parent?

Dad: The most important thing is a commitment to following the program.  We come here 3 days a week and we complete activities at home that relate to the things he does here at the center.  Parental involvement is a big aspect and Zach and Amanda have done a great job creating a relationship with not only us, but all Brain Balance parents.  They are always available for a conference and to ask questions; they each sincerely care about the children.  At home, we’ve unplugged the TV and have enrolled him in gymnastics to encourage social interaction.  We have made some big changes nutritionally after finding out which foods Tyler is sensitive to eating.  I also understand that this program takes time, it’s not a quick fix, so we have made the most of our experience.

ACMB: Is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

Dad: My wife would be here with me but she is sick!  No, in all seriousness, our experience with Brain Balance has been so positive.  At one point I wondered if college would ever be an option for Tyler. Now, that’s not a concern.  He’s learned so much in a short period of time and we are so glad we found Brain Balance.

You can learn more about Brain Balance Center of North San Antonio by visiting their website or contacting them via phone at  (210) 620-7378.  


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