Summer is half over… now what?

Can you believe that there is less than a month until school starts? I’m not complaining about this! By the time it’s time to get into the school routine, I’m ready for my kids to be back at school. We’ve finished summer camps and summer reading programs. Summer swim team is done, and there are no more holidays with fireworks! We’re also home from our family reunion, which means my kids have completed their summer bucket lists, and we have a month to sit around and do nothing … or do we? Summer is almost over... Now what?If you’re anything like me, you want to make the most of summer vacation. We get precious few hours with our children once they’re in school, and I want to fill summer hours with as much as I possibly can. We cram in all of our plans during that first month of June. We’re at the pool every morning for swim team, and we’re at camps in the afternoons. By August 1st, I’m worn out. This is the point when I want to let everyone spend the day in their pajamas and do nothing! This last month of summer is our unscheduled bliss time! June and July are my husband’s busy months at work, so we’re not really all that carefree for the first part. I try to keep my kids as occupied as possible so that I can keep as sane as possible! Now that my husband can relax a little bit, we get to enjoy a month of carefree bliss!

Here are some activities we like to do during August in San Antonio:

  • Go to the pool every day… just for fun, not just for swim practice. Sometimes this means a trip in the early morning when the pool is empty, sometimes it’s late night swims with glow sticks!
  • Have breakfast for dinner. That’s right, sometimes we eat cereal and pancakes, and my kids love it!
  • Eat ice cream from the ice cream truck. Ever since the ice cream man found out there are 6 kids at my house, you can bet he makes a point to drive by every Saturday.  This is the time of year when we enjoy an ice cream treat after a Capt’n Crunch main course!
  • Check out fireworks. The great thing about living so close to Six Flags is that we can head to the La Cantera parking lot at 9:00pm just to watch the fireworks show.
  • Watch classic family movies. You know you want to share the joys of The Gnome Mobile with your kids.
  • Make memories.  This is the part of the summer that I want my kids to remember when the school year starts getting them down.

What I love about August is that all the summer expectations are over for us. This is the time when my kids get to be kids, and the time we get to be fun parents!

What are you looking forward to doing during this last month of summer?

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One Response to Summer is half over… now what?

  1. Melissa D July 31, 2014 at 2:16 pm #

    Sounds lovely! My poor little extrovert is raring to get back to regular activities while her little sister and I are soaking up all the at-home time we can! 🙂