Top Ten Tips for Flying with Kids

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Flying with kids is no easy task. It can cause heart palpitations, sweaty palms and random occurrences of breaking out in a cold sweat. We polled the Alamo City Moms Blog Contributor Team for top tips on flying with children and we’re here to make this daunting task a little easier on you, mom!

1. Bring along your own snacks.

You never know when the airline attendant will come cruising down the aisle with peanuts in hand. And if there’s turbulance, those roasted delights will end up three rows in front of or behind you, possibly causing a major meltdown! Pack snacks that are easy to open and won’t cause a mess.

2. Let them pack a backpack for the trip.

If your children are 5 or older, purchase a “travel backpack”. This should be different from their normal school backpack. Pack some essentials (crayons, paper, books, favorite small toys) but then allow them to take ownership of what they bring with them for entertainment.

3. Get numbing ear drops.

Ask your pediatrician to prescribe numbing ear drops. Air travel can be painful for little ear drums, so drop a few in their ears prior to take off.

4. Have a bottle on hand.

If you have an infant, have a bottle on hand for take off and landing. Pressure changes can be uncomfortable, especially for a baby that doesn’t understand what’s going on. Bottle or breastfeeding on take off and landing will help relieve some of this pressure. For bigger kids, try lollipops or gum.

5. Pack a change of clothes.

You never know what accidents might happen. Throw an extra change of clothes for both you and your child in your bag…just in case.

6. Hit up the Dollar Store or Dollar Bin.

Head to the Dollar Store or the Dollar Bin at Target and stock up on small “prizes”. Bring out little prizes to reward for good behavior. A new, expensive item can keep a child entertained for some time.

7. Wear them out!

It doesn’t hurt to have your little ball of energy running laps in the airport prior to boarding the plane. By the time the is buckled into his plane seat, he will have gotten some of that energy out of his system.

8. Bribery can be used to your advantage.

If you are anticipating a really tough trip, come armed with gifts for your fellow travelers. Pass out M&M’s or drink coupons to the dear travelers that are seated around you. One of our team members even put her small children in t-shirts she had made that said, “Congratulations! You get to sit near me!”

9. Choose your travel time wisely.

Try to book direct flights if at all possible, even if you have to drive for a few hours to get to your destination. If you do have to have a connecting flight, time to travel when you are less likely to have delays – for example, don’t fly out of Houston in the afternoon during summertime or don’t fly through Chicago in the winter. If your children are young, travel during times they would be napping or sleeping.

10. Find ways to cut down on travel costs.

Flying can be expensive. Once your children pass the age of 2 and you are buying airline tickets for multiple family members, the cost of flying can make travel a far off dream. This is a big reason we are really excited about the Capital One Venture Card.  The Venture Card allows families to choose any airline with ZERO restrictions on travel days or destinations. With this card, you are able to choose your airline, where you want to go, and your dates and preferred times of travel.  The best part is that you then get to use your points you’ve acquired through your card to offset the cost of the tickets. Now all you need to ask yourself is, “Where are we headed next?”

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