Pro Martial Arts :: A Unique and Fun Experience for Kids

As parents to five children, my husband and I try to foster their individual interests and allow them all to participate in activities that are unique to each of them. They play soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics, and one is in cooking school. It never dawned on me to have them try martial arts. I never thought my girls would be interested. I was wrong, very wrong.

My family and friends got to participate in the Armor program and enjoy a pizza party at as part of Alamo City Moms Blog’s advertising partnership with Pro Martial Arts. We had a blast. We were greeted at the door by Rocky the Rhino, and the kids were immediatley excited to get started.


The first hour all of the kids got hands-on learning skills from an instructor and a student in the program. The uniqueness of the class was awesome. Instead of just going through each step and showing the kids moves, they played games that got the kids moving and doing martial arts moves without even realizing that they were in a classroom environment. Plus, the parents got a kick out of watching the kids run around, play games, and act as though they have been in a thousand Bruce Lee movies.


The instructor, Zach, engaged the kids in games like Master Says (his version of Simon Says), and each time he instructed them to do something he was teaching them a new move. The kids were competitive and excited while learning. During all the fun the instructor kept the class focused and disciplined.

After an hour of martial arts, the kids got to grab some pizza, cookies, and juice and sit down at a party table decorated with Ninja Turtle decor and balloons. They had a blast. There was plenty of pizza for everyone, including adults, and I can’t complain about that! The kids got to enjoy dinner disguised as their favorite Ninja Turtle.




With full bellies they headed back to the mat for bully and predator prevention class.

The Armor class is designed to teach kids to recognize bullying behavior, either in themselves or others. The instructors went over scenarios that might be examples of bullying and talked about what the kids could do if they were ever caught in the situation. The kids were also talked to about what a predator does to lure them in and signs that should be alert them that there is something not right about the situation.

We had kids as young as five and as old as 14 in the class, and every single one of them was engaged; Zach held their attention the entire time. The information given to them pertained to all ages, and each child could relate.


My kids are still talking about the Rocky the Rhino and how much fun they had. As a matter of fact, our little soccer player asked if she could join Pro Martial Arts as soon as soccer season is over!

Pro Martial Arts has martial arts and bully prevention classes for kids, as well as adult karate and fitness classes. They are conveniently located in Shavano Park and have regularly scheduled classes Mondays–Thursdays as well as on Saturdays. Sign up for a free trial today. I promise you and your child will love and benefit from it.



Disclosure :: This is a sponsored post. ACMB believes that many children in the San Antonio area can benefit from Pro Martial Arts.

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