DIY Valentine Statement Necklace

So if you’re in the “under seven” crowd and still find noodle necklaces de rigueur, this statement necklace will be on your “must-wear” list for Valentine’s season this year. If you’re a mom who just wants a cool Valentine craft that doesn’t involve glue, glitter, or paint, (hopefully) this just made your day. This dyed noodle-and-felt-heart necklace makes minimal mess and is a perfect make-and-take for a Valentine’s party, play date, or rainy afternoon.


You’ll need:

  • dried “tube”-shaped pasta
  • food coloring
  • rubbing alcohol
  • a metal or glass mixing bowl (plastic is OK, but it might be stained by the food coloring)
  • wax paper
  • felt sheets/pre-cut felt hearts
  • yarn
  • scissors


In the glass or metal bowl, thoroughly mix four Tbsp. of rubbing alcohol with ½ tsp. of food coloring. (When choosing colors, keep in mind the yellow tint of the pasta. Colors are NOT very true. Some colors, like purple and turquoise, end up grayish and greenish—so experiment with one or two noodles if you’re worried about color matching. The pasta in the bowl is a result of the bright pink food coloring in the box pictured.) Pour the pasta into the bowl, and use a large spoon to gently toss the pasta and color mix until each piece is coated in color.

Line a baking sheet, table to counter, with wax paper, and gently spoon the pasta in one layer onto the wax paper. Let dry completely (a few hours to overnight).

Cut the felt into heart shapes, and snip two small “north/south” slits into the heart (as shown below) for the yarn to thread through.


Thread the dried noodles and felt heart onto a length of yarn.


If your felt hearts are on the larger side, threading a noodle on top of them might help them lie flatter.


Ta-da! Tied off, it’s a Valentine’s statement necklace that will be on every “it” list from Vogue to Cosmo. Or not. But you’ve made an easy, glue-, glitter-, and paint-free V-Day craft that costs about $0.30 each. I’d call that a holiday crafting win!





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