Teacher Gifts: Hits and Misses and a Super Easy DIY!

teacher gifts gfxNo more school. No more books. No more dirty tea…

Wait, this can’t be sung about the mom who spent beacoup bucks or hundreds of hours on Pinterest to present her kid’s teacher with the best, one-of-a-kind teacher gift of 2015?!

Yes, that time of giving is here: teacher gifts.

But have you ever wondered what happens to your gift behind a teacher’s closed door? Does she hang it on her classroom wall? Does he break it open for immediate consumption? Or—gasp!—might she put it in the “regifts” bag deep in her closet?

Because we want to make teacher gift-giving easy on you and your wallet, we decided to be bold and ask them: What do teachers really want? Plus, I hit the craft studio with ACMB contributor and Handmade Mood blogger Amanda for a fun and easy DIY gift your kid can actually help with! Take a look!

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