Families Empowered’s School Connection Fair: Helping You Make an Informed Choice About Your Child’s Education

Alamo City Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with Families Empowered, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families find the right schools for their children, and share news of their events and services.

Mothers of multiples like me will be the first to tell you that none of their children is alike. Kids can come from the same parents and be raised the same exact way, yet each child responds differently to his/her environment. The same is true when it comes to education. Not all children learn the same way. As a mother who has tried several methods of educating from homeschooling to dual language public elementary and now charter schooling, I am proud to tell you San Antonio offers many choices. I am amazed that our city is exploding with educational opportunities for our children.   


However, sifting through all the school choices and knowing which is the best fit for your child can be a daunting task. Enter Families Empowered. Families Empowered is Texas’ only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families choose the best schools for their children. Their group provides parents with tools, resources, and events to help with this decision. All those interested in learning more about school options should plan on attending Families Empowered’s School Connection Fair on Saturday, November 14th at KIPP San Antonio on Commerce Street from 10:00 A.M.–1:00 P.M. The School Connection Fair is a free event and a great way for families to learn more about the dynamic school options offered in San Antonio.

“With the expansion of quality schools of choice in San Antonio, parents are being presented with more and more options. The School Connection Fair helps streamline the process,” said Families Empowered’s founder and executive director, Colleen Dippel. “Families Empowered is giving parents a one-stop shop to discover new school options.”     

Over 30 schools will be represented at Saturday’s event, from all different grade levels. While Families Empowered doesn’t endorse or favor any particular school or model, they do provide parents with free access to tools to make an informed decision regarding their child’s education. Some of the schools you will be able to visit with include BASIS, Carpe Diem, KIPP San Antonio, Great Hearts, and Harmony Public Schools; traditional public schools from San Antonio Independent School District; and private schools from the Archdiocese of San Antonio.


You may be asking yourself: how do I know which school is right for my child? Dippel recommends parents investigate all options and ask schools pertinent questions to identify the best choice for their student. Her message: parents are best equipped to choose a school for their children. I couldn’t agree more. Your child’s education is a great investment of your time and energy. I encourage you to be proactive and become acquainted with all the options out there by coming out on November 14th.

For more information about Families Empowered or their School Connection Fair, or to find a school near you, visit www.FamiliesEmpowered.org. KIPP San Antonio is located at 4343 W. Commerce, San Antonio, Texas 78237.


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