Making Moves Easy on Military Families

We have partnered with CORT to bring our readers this sponsored post. The military community in San Antonio makes up much of the fabric of our community, and we love that CORT offers great options to families that serve our nation. 

Like many other San Antonio families, we’re a military family. While our connection to the military has been an honor, let me tell you what’s not fun about being a military family: Moving.


Don’t get me wrong: it’s exciting (and a privilege) to be able to have lived in so many cool places around the globe. We’ve lived in England, Germany, and Portugal and have some fantastic memories of the things we got to do and see and the people we’ve met.

But moving still is not fun. There’s the packing up part. The worry over finding the right place to live part. The stress over whether your furniture is going to show up late or at all part. The worry that your personal possessions are going to be lost or damaged part. The fighting with your husband over which box the waffle iron is packed in part… Wait. That last thing is probably just me. Is it?

I’m a “stuff” person. As much as I like to say I’m not materialistic, I place a huge value on my personal possessions. Some of them are valuable and unique, but some are important to me just because they’re mine—like, for instance, the dime store salt and pepper shakers that were in my grandmother’s kitchen for years that now hold the place of honor in my curio cabinet. Although they’re not particularly valuable or important to anyone else, it would absolutely crush me if anything happened to those little knickknacks.

We have moved nine times in 22 years. If you’re a military family, you may or may not think that’s a lot. We’ve had the full experience: lost property, broken stuff, delayed baggage. Camping out on an air mattress on your living room floor and eating off of paper plates is fun for exactly…well, not for very long.

For you military families and frequent movers out there, have you ever thought about using a furniture rental service? If you know you’re not going to be in a particular place very long, there’s an alternative to moving your stuff from place to place.

Check out CORT Furniture Rental. CORT rents and delivers items that are in showroom condition, both in cleanliness and quality. Theirs is furniture that you can be proud to display in your home.

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And while most of us are familiar with the headache or having to wait on movers and people to turn on your utilities and hook up your internet, CORT guarantees that they’ll be there when they say they’ll be there, so you can get up and running in your new digs ASAP. They recognize the value of your time…and that is a very good thing.

Plus, CORT makes the process easy. You arrange for delivery and setup, enjoy your furniture and live your life, and when it’s time to move on again, you call for a pickup. Professional set up and delivery people take care of all of the particulars for you. How easy is that?

If you think renting furniture is expensive, think about the cost of storage, delivery, and assembly. Think about how many times the military has gifted you with a short-notice move and how easy it would be to just make one phone call and arrange for your furniture to be picked up and delivered. It’s one less thing you have to think about, something you can remove from your bucket. And, who doesn’t like that?

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Thanks to CORT, you and your military family can live in a space that feels like home, no matter how long you stay. Military members can visit to sign up—there’s no credit check with a valid credit card, and packages start at $119/month.

CORT is a proud sponsor of Folds of Honor Foundation and recently was featured on Designing Spaces, on which they helped furnish a home given to a military member.

The nomadic nature of the military lifestyle has its pros and cons. We could talk all day about that. But with a little planning and a lot of luck, moving isn’t so bad. Companies like CORT are in place to help make it just a little easier. Check them out!

And for real, the fight with my husband over the missing waffle iron was epic. We eventually located said small appliance and we all enjoyed waffles—OH YES, WE DID—whether we wanted them or not.

Moving stinks. Do all you can to make it easier. Every little thing helps, right?

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