EnergyX Fitness Event Recap

Alamo City Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with EnergyX Fitness, a new studio that specializes in water rowing fitness in Alamo Heights.


My head is still spinning at how quickly Thanksgiving came and went. The weeks following have been filled with holiday parties and the temptation to overindulge in cookies, fruit cake, and eggnog. Add this to the fact that I rarely work out, and it doesn’t take long before my clothes start fitting tighter. Normally I convince myself that I’ll do something about it after New Year’s, but this year has been different. I spearheaded a fitness event at EnergyX Fitness shortly after Thanksgiving, and it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get serious about my health and fitness today, not just after the new year.


On December 2nd, a few of us gathered in the evening to try out a Row & Flow class at EnergyX Fitness. Row & Flow combines the best of three worlds: high-intensity rowing, strength intervals, and athletic-based yoga that enhances flexibility and clears the mind. I was somewhat familiar with the bulky, air-resistant row machines of the past, but that’s not what you’ll find at this studio. The affixed water tanks of the modern machines at EnergyX Fitness simulate true crewing conditions and make for a much smoother rowing experience. The polished wood frame and oil finishes also provide a sleeker and more lightweight design.


In fact, each class attendee was able to fold their rower upright with ease and roll it against the wall to make room for yoga mats. It’s the only gym I know of in San Antonio that offers the latest in rowing equipment. I knew there was something special about this boutique-style gym when I spoke to the owner, Alison. She was very enthusiastic while explaining what water rowing is and why she started this small business in San Antonio. Her story impressed me.


However, as exciting as the class sounded, I was nervous. This mama hadn’t really worked out since before starting her family seven years ago (unless you count wrangling three kids in car seats every day a fitness routine). Needless to say, I was feeling very intimidated. Alison assured me her classes are tailored to all fitness levels—meaning a triathlete can row in the same class with a beginner like me. She was right!

As soon as the music started thumping and I found my rhythm on the row machine, it was addicting. I could feel myself using muscles that had been dormant for years, and it felt awesome to stretch and breathe deeply. The best part was ending the class with lights off in relaxing yoga poses. The day’s stress melted into my mat. I felt calm and alive. After experiencing the class, it’s no wonder why water rowing has become the newest rage among the Hollywood crowd.

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Rowing is a three part movement: 60% legs, 20% core, and 20% arms, making it a highly effective and efficient workout. A 50-minute rowing class can burn between 500–900 calories, and every stroke requires you to work your calves, quads, hamstrings, gluts, abs, obliques, pecs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, upper back, and lats. Each rep is essentially a leg press, a dead lift, and a row. And because you’re working every muscle group in your body, your heart rate is elevated, so one class can literally serve as your total workout.


One of the helpers that evening and a recent law school grad, Christina Ivy, has been attending classes since EnergyX opened in October. She has already lost 17 lbs.—a true testament of how effective rowing can be! Everyone in our class agreed that it’s a fun way to get fit and definitely beats the monotony of a treadmill. I’ve always had sports club memberships and found them to be overwhelming. That’s not the case at EnergyX Fitness. You simply pick your class and can instantly start getting motivated by one of their trained instructors.


Classes range from full-hour power rowing or Vinyasa yoga to combo classes that incorporate rowing with strength training using TRX resistance bands. They start as early as 6:00 A.M. and continue throughout the day into the evening. Learn more about the class options here, or call (210) 608-4241. Plus, right now you’ll receive 10% off all class packages or memberships through the end of the month by using code ACMB10. It would make a great gift for the holidays or even a unique date night with your significant other.


So grab your workout buddy or some friends, and get rowing! You will not be disappointed! Thank you to all who came out for the event, and thank you EnergyX Fitness for hosting a free class for us. We had a great time! EnergyX Fitness is located at 5162 Broadway in Alamo Heights. For more information, call (210) 608-4241.


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