How Four Moms Added Fresh to Their Lives

The Alamo City Moms Blog Team has partnered with Fresh Wave for this sponsored review. We are in love with their products, so it’s safe to say that we are proud to endorse this business!

This month, we challenged four moms to a Fresh Wave Challenge: Take Fresh Wave products and incorporate them into your family’s every day life. Not only did these four moms rave about Fresh Wave’s ability to get rid of odors, but they also loved how the products are all-natural and chemical-free—a win/win in our book! Check out how each family used these all-natural, odor-eliminating products.


MOM: Erin
FAMILY: Three kids, ages 12 (twin boys) and 9 (girl); two parents; one dog (mostly indoor)
ERIN’S REVIEW: With two 12-year-old football-playing, basketball-playing boys, odor elimination is, well—hello!—major. Let’s just say I can often smell when our twin pre-teen boys arrive home. On carpool days, my daughter and I have been known to pull our shirt collars over our noses to escape the drifting scent of mud-soaked sweat, a.k.a. the “eau de toilette” of most 12-year-old boys. I know someday, oddly enough, I will miss that smell. But until then, I am determined to freshen our family living spaces.

You can imagine my excitement when our Fresh Wave products arrived! First, as a mom who is becoming ever more health conscious, I was excited to learn Fresh Waves is an all-natural product. I half expected it to smell of patchouli oil, which thankfully, it did not. The smell is fresh but not flowery. It is clean but not overpowering.

Since stink seems to follow our boys more than the family dog these days, I decided to place the Fresh Wave Crystal Gel above the toilet in a bathroom shared by the twins. I also left Fresh Wave Spray nearby and encouraged the boys to use it when additional “time” is spent here. In addition, I put two Fresh Wave Pearl Packs in our minivan used for carpooling, as well as a single Pearl Pack inside my sons’ basketball shoe.


While I have tried various sprays, candles, and car vent deodorizers in the past, most tend to only temporarily “mask” a stench. I always feel like I’m just mixing flowers with the unpleasant stink and am left with a still-stinky flower smell. However, Fresh Wave claims to eliminate odors. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical that the Fresh Wave products too would only mask an odor. So, as I entered the boys’ bathroom, I prepared myself for the worst. I prepared my nose to be greeted by the usual smelly mixture of wet towels, dirty socks, and toilet mishaps. Much to my surprise, I could not smell much of anything! The area seemed to be neutrally pleasant-smelling. While I do like strong scents, especially lavender, I know many people do not, making Fresh Wave a great alternative. I found the same to be true with my son’s basketball shoes! He also appreciated the more neutral smell to something flowery or musky. Now, if only the Pearl Packs were teen boy body-attachable!


MOM: Amy Johnson
FAMILY: Single mom of four kids, ages 12, 8, 7, & 5 years old; two cats (one indoor, one outdoor)
AMY’S REVIEW: I never intended to be a cat owner. My first cat literally showed up on my doorstep—I opened the door one day, and she was sitting on my doormat as sweet as can be. As a stray, she was already used to taking care of business outside, so there was no need for kitty litter. I overlooked that part when we adopted another kitten.

Dealing with a litter box is not my favorite—and the smell is the worst. As a busy mama of four, I probably don’t clean it out as often as I should (actually, I usually ask my boys to do it). To avoid the smell, I put a jar of Fresh Wave Crystal Gel in the bathroom we keep our litter box in, and I immediately noticed the difference. The scent was clean and soaked up the odor.fresh-wave-bathroom

Now I can sit in my living room and enjoy a show without the smell of the kitty litter emanating from the bathroom. Same thing with our kitchen trashcan. I threw in a Pearl Pack in the back of the pullout cabinet for our bins and now can avoid the uncomely smell of that, too. Call me lazy, but I like to delay chores as long as possible. It’s how I keep all the other plates spinning. Why let life stink when it doesn’t have to?


MOM: Candice
FAMILY: Wife to Brandon; mom to six kiddos: five girls (ages 17, 16, and 9-year-old triplets) and one boy (age 2).
CANDICE’S REVIEW: With six kids and a hard-working husband in the house, mass amounts of laundry pile up and lots of trash bags accumulate in a week. It just so happens that our trash is in our laundry room, and the combination of it with dirty laundry can cause quite a stink. Our baby boy is still in diapers, and I don’t need to tell any parents out there how a dirty diaper can literally clear a room.

When I got my Fresh Wave, I immediately put one of the gel containers near the trash and one of the gel pouches between the laundry basket and the dryer. I’m not a fan of overwhelming scents, especially when it combines with the foul smell. Please don’t give me a product that makes my trash smell like flowered trash. Fresh Wave did just the opposite. It not only absorbed the trash smell, it left the room smelling clean. It didn’t fill the air with a flowery smell to mask the others, it simply made the room smell fresh. I loved it! I loved it so much that I added a gel container behind the girls’ toilet in their bathroom and added gel packs to the diaper pail, my bathroom, and the teenagers’ bathroom. It worked!

With a family of eight, we can pile the dishes high. I put a Fresh Wave spray bottle above our kitchen sink and spray a little each time I do the dishes or clean up after dinner. One of our daughters asked if we were having company because our house smelled so clean. Wait—does that mean I only clean when guests are coming over?

Overall, I absolutely love how the product works and that it is made with all natural ingredients, which is very important to my family, especially with a toddler running around.


MOM: Denise
FAMILY: One teenager, one young adult, one husband, four large dogs, one small dog, two horses, nine chickens, one bearded dragon, one turtle, one corn snake, and one tarantula
DENISE’S REVIEW: Our large family lives on five acres just north of San Antonio. Our dogs are both indoor and outdoor pets, but in our family, there are two of us who are sensitive to smells. We get headaches from strong scents that come along with common odor-eliminating sprays and candles that are designed to mask the smells that go along with having indoor pets.

When our Fresh Wave products arrived, I put one in the laundry room where one of our big dogs sleeps at night. I love the clean scent, and because it’s all-natural, the products did not induce headaches due to an overwhelming smell. I put another behind the DVD shelf next to the fireplace to hide “sneaky” smells that can hide behind pieces of furniture. The Fresh Wave took care of all odors in our house without leaving a strong fake scent in the air!

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