Camp: A Gift Worth Giving

Alamo City Moms Blog is very excited to partner and bring you news of T Bar M Summer Camps. Today the T Bar M team is on the blog sharing what a gift summer camps can be for a child.

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It all started with a simple question. This question lead to a conversation, which prompted the giving of a gift. A gift that lead to an experience—one so great, it inspired an eight-year-old’s plan to keep giving.

“Mr. Harvey, where did you get this chair?”

This was the simple question prompted by the curiosity of Claire, a second grader, after noticing a peculiar looking chair in a teacher’s classroom. What Claire didn’t know was that this “random” question would lead to fun beyond her wildest dreams in a week that would change her life forever.

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You see, before he was an elementary school teacher, Mr. Harvey spent four of his college summers serving at T Bar M Camps. The influence of camp was so great in Mr. Harvey’s life, he could not keep quiet about it. So, when Claire inquired about his “Crazy Creek Chair,” Mr. Harvey was overjoyed to share with Claire and her mom, a fellow teacher, all about the wonder of a place he referred to as “camp.”

Claire’s excitement for camp was immediate. She and her mom would hang out with Mr. Harvey after school just to hear stories about camp. Mr. Harvey noticed Claire’s drive and wanted to give money to help scholarship a way for Claire to experience camp firsthand. After collaborating with Claire’s mom, Claire was signed up to attend T Bar M Camps for a week at Sports Camp.


But, the story doesn’t stop there. Claire will tell you that her week at camp was one of the best weeks of her life. Just like Mr. Harvey, she cannot stop talking about it. Camp stirred in Claire a passion to play that lead her to join a swim team close to home. An even greater testament of Claire’s rich experience at camp can be summed up in response to another “random” question asked—this time of herone evening at dinner.

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“Claire, if someone gave you $50, what would you do with it?” Claire’s response was obvious, “I would send a child to camp.” She answered without hesitation.

Mr. Harvey’s gift to Claire made such an impact that it was only natural for her to think about paying it forward for another child to experience camp.

Claire’s parents were inspired and gave her $15 toward raising money for a camp scholarship, and from the overflow of Claire’s heart, a plan was put into action. She began dreaming about a dog sitting/dog-washing business to help her raise money. Claire created flyers to advertise her service for her parents to post on Facebook and throughout their community. Claire’s generous heart makes an impact on all who hear her story.

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For Mr. Harvey and for Claire, camp is an experience worth giving. It is a place for kids to grow, unplugged from screens, engaged in relationships and outdoors on purpose.

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Camp is one of the most lasting, rewarding experiences parents can give their children. At T Bar M, it builds self-esteem and gives kids a sense of independence all while growing their faith. Give your child an experience that matters. Invest in a week of camp.

T Bar M Camps has provided over 35 years of life-impacting experiences. Come play with purpose. Explore T Bar M today.

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