How long before my child is swimming?

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Summertime in San Antonio is here! Spending time at your nearest swimming pool is almost essential for surviving the heat. Best of all, swimming is an activity all my children can agree on. They could literally stay out in water all day long. While I love this, I do worry about swim safety at the pool because my youngest two still don’t swim without floating equipment. Enter Love to Swim School.

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Love to Swim School fosters a love for the water so children feel safe while learning to swim. One question many parents have, however, is how long will it take before their child is swimming? The experts at Love to Swim School share their insight with us on this important question…

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First of all, swimming is a complex sport, and the answer depends on the student. According to the industry experts like the American Swimming Coaches Association, the United States Swim School Association, and Love to Swim and Tumble School, a true swimmer is someone who has the ability to swim at least 300 yards (the length of three football fields) continuously. Being able to do so dramatically lowers the possibility of ever drowning.

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Technique is key.

Can a person swim 300 yards with their head up? Not likely! Swimming with your head up means your feet are down, creating a tremendous amount of drag. What about swimming underwater? This means holding your breath for long amounts of time, which is fatiguing, especially when trying to swim a long distance. Watch Love to Swim School’s Rollover Breathing video for a more efficient way to swim without wearing yourself out.

Define your goals.

At Love to Swim and Tumble School it is important for us to understand your swimming goals for your child.

  • If your primary concern is safety, your child should complete (at a minimum) our Preschool or School Age Level 3. This means your child can swim a short distance and take a few rollover breaths independently.
  • To achieve a technically sound freestyle and be introduced to backstroke, breaststroke, and flip turns, your swimmer should complete our Preschool Level 5 or School Age Level 7 (Pre-Competitive).
  • Becoming an “Expert Swimmer” requires being able to swim four lengths of each stroke (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle) plus swim continuously for 15 minutes. To achieve this milestone, a swimmer must complete our School Age 10 Level (Pre-Competitive), where they will swim their Individual Medley.

So, what’s your goal for your child? Love to Swim School will help your little swimmer achieve it.

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*Please keep in mind that NO ONE is ever drown-proof. All children must have total visual supervision by an adult when in or near a body of water, no matter how advanced their swim skills.

For more information, please visit or call one of the convenient three locations nearest you.

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