Happy Birthday Freebies to You!

Birthdays are a big deal to kids, so around my house we like to celebrate in a big way. We usually have a fiesta of some sort for the kids on the weekend before or after their birthday. However, that sometimes leaves their actual birthday to pale in comparison. Since I’ve usually invested a small fortune into their parties, I’m not game to do anything elaborate on the actual date. It’s usually a low-key, family meal with their favorite dishes served. To make that birthday week a little more fun, I’ve signed up my kids up for several birthday freebies! They love it, and it’s free…so I love it!

I choose freebies that don’t require an app and are places that I take my kids to already. These rewards are sent through regular mail or e-mail. Yes, some do send additional email throughout the year. But since these are places I already go, the coupons and updates are welcome. We usually make it out to two or three of the freebie stops that my child has picked for his or her birthday week.

birthday freebies

For the Kids

Baskin-Robbins will give your birthday child a free scoop of ice cream. Sign your kids up for the Baskin-Robbins Birthday Club, and he or she will receive a coupon for a free ice cream on their birthday. Go ahead and sign yourself up, too—there’s no age limit on this offer. You can also receive coupons and offers throughout the year.

Join the Barnes & Noble Kids’ Club and your child will get a free cupcake from the store cafe on his or her birthday. You will also get 30% off the list price of any one kids’ book or toy when you join. Throughout the year, you earn a $5 reward for every $100 you spend online and in Barnes & Noble stores on children’s books, toys, games, puzzles, and workbooks.

Cheesy Jane’s has a kid’s club. My family loves this local burger spot. If you have never made it out to one of their locations, chances are you have seen their food truck. There isn’t an online sign-up, so you have to make the trip. Trust me, it’s worth the drive! When you get there, fill out the card and hand it to the waiter. My kiddos get free kids’ meals for their birthdays, but also periodically throughout the year. Score!

Who doesn’t like pancakes? IHOP will give you a Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘n Fruity stack of pancakes on your birthday. Sign up at IHOP. We have not done this one, but I just signed up and will be joining the “pancake revolution.”

What parent hasn’t made it to Toys”R”Us? I know I’ve spent more than my share of time (and money) there. I had my son signed up for their birthday club at birth and recently signed up my second born as well. Through Geoffrey’s Birthday Club your child will not only get a birthday card with a coupon for $5 off a toy, but if you take that card into the store they will announce your child’s birthday on the intercom. A new feature that I haven’t tried out yet is a special birthday story time held a few times each month at the store.

I’m already signed up for The Children’s Place reward program, MyPlaceRewards. My children have been wearing clothes from here since infancy. If you add The Children’s Place Birthday Club information, you will receive a coupon for 15% off anything in the store on or before your child’s birthday. This one is actually more of a gift to myself! I get to save a little while my little diva gets to shop. Usually Grandma or Abuelita sends a little birthday money, so it works out. My poor son has long outgrown The Children’s Place and hates to shop, so in my house, this one is just for us girls!

For Moms

Kids don’t deserve all the fun! I’ve included some birthday freebies for us moms. Go ahead and sign up your spouse or significant other on the applicable ones. Everyone deserves a little special treat on his/her birthday!

Join the Sephora birthday club and you’ll get a FREE beauty item on your birthday. I know I need some pampering on my special day! A friend told me about this one, so I promptly signed up for a little extra beauty.

Drink coffee? What mom doesn’t need caffeine for a boost to make it past playdates and doctor visits? Join Starbucks Rewards and get a free birthday drink. However, the change in rewards program makes this a short-term offer, so make sure to use your reward within the two days before your birthday or on your birthday. The day after your birthday, the reward disappears!

I heart Panera Bread, so I signed up for their rewards program, MyPanera. A little optional segment allows you to enter your birthday for a birthday pastry. Yum! The hard part of this is making a decision which treat to choose. There are low calorie options, but, hey, it’s your birthday! You can blow all your daily calories on one scone and I won’t tell.

If you join Houlihan’s e-mail list you’ll get a free entree on your birthday. Hey, since you just saved that money on food, it’s time to celebrate with a nice adult beverage. You certainly deserve it! In addition, Houlihan’s will email you some great discounts and, occasionally, a free appetizer. Winning!

Happy, happy birthday, and feliz cumpleaños! Enjoy every last drop!

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