You Let Who Watch Your Kids? Local Moms Talk!

We are thrilled to have partnered with our advertising sponsor Time Out Sitters, owned by two local moms. This babysitting service works with a number of families in San Antonio to provide top-notch babysitting services. 

Once upon a time, there were two moms named Katie and Tiffany who lived in a lovely kingdom* with a winding river and legendary knights dressed in silver and black. They adored their children but also enjoyed time away from their children to enjoy their exciting kingdom* and its famous food and entertainment. Some nights they were unable to procure a suitable babysitter for their beloved children and thus missed out on revelry. They saw a very real need for a service that could provide trusted, affordable and available sitters. They searched far and wide throughout the kingdom* and could find no such service. So, like true heroines, they solved their own problem. Katie and Tiffany proudly built the service Time Out Sitters that could provide wonderful childcare for both their children and the children of the kingdom.* And they lived happily ever after.

*kingdom = San Antonio

The above story is no fairy tale. San Antonio is lucky to have Time Out Sitters, the business of local moms Katie and Tiffany. Time Out Sitters provides trusted sitters that are 18+, CPR  and First Aid certified, background checked annually, personally interviewed and vetted and, perhaps most importantly to your child[ren], are fun and engaging.

The owners of Time Out Sitters understand all too well the apprehension that can come with letting someone you don’t know watch your children and they lead with the approach that they won’t allow anyone into your home that they wouldn’t trust in their own home. They take your trust and faith in their sitters quite seriously.

We’ve asked some local moms about their experience with Time Out Sitters and are happy to share their honest answers.

At first, how did you feel about leaving your kids with a sitter you’ve never met before?

I was very nervous to leave our girls at home with someone we’ve never met before. E.W.

Everyone is a stranger at some point and I trusted the experiences my friends had. K.B.

What made you comfortable with using Time Out Sitters?

I knew TOS was a great service through referrals. It only took me one or two times to have a sitter myself to know it is wonderful and a great fit for my family. M.F.

The sitters ask questions that exhibit concern for the kiddos, accept each child and their needs and wants, stay on point with the parental requests, and help made our “away” time as parents one that we enjoy due in part to the reassuring messages we may receive. They are honest, ALWAYS on time, thorough, and just all around wonderful gals whose passion for childcare shows through in their attitudes. K.B.

After the initial time was a huge success, we have continued to be comfortable even with new sitters every time. We have yet to find a sitter through TOS that we were not happy with. C.C.

I can honestly say, every sitter we have had at our house has been great since we first started using TOS. I know the girls are always in good hands, and will have fun while we are gone. E.W.

Tell us what you love most about your sitter(s).

They all have their own gifts or specialties. I especially love that they clean up after the kids go to bed. Not everyone would do that. C.C.

I love that our girls have a great time when they are here. One of our girls will point to the door and tell me it’s time to go! I love that I never have to worry, and I can always check in and see how everyone is doing. E.W.

Tell us about a time when your kids were really excited to have a sitter? What were they looking forward to?

Some sitters bring what I call a “bag of tricks!” Fun coloring pages, books, games to play. I’ve had sitters paint my daughter’s toe nails, hunt frogs in the front yard and draw with sidewalk chalk for hours. . . . I know I can trust these ladies to find tech-free fun for my kids while we are out. C.M.

They love doing crafts and playing play doh and the sitters are usually much more artistic than I am! So that makes it fun for them. C.C.

One sitter in particular is legendary in our home thanks to the dance parties she throws, the chalk art work she adorns our patio with, and the unsurpassed attention she shows the kiddos. My youngest stood at the door and cried when she left. K.B.

Tell us about a time when Time Out Sitters helped you out when you really needed it.

I have made more last minute request than I care to admit. Time Out Sitters has never told me no. That in itself is incredible. Without any family in town, finding a reliable sitter through a single point of contact has been life changing. The ownership team has also helped me secure consistent summer/long term help over the past few summers. This is very helpful when the kids are out of school and I need someone to help who knows our family and our routine. C.M.

There was a time when I was primarily working from home, but was asked to cover on site. In order for me to say that I would be able to work, I had to know as soon as I could if there would be a sitter available. Katie and Tiffany were able to find someone and let me know the day I asked. It was a huge relief!  E.W.

I don’t have a particular instance, but knowing that at any point if I need help, all I have to do is log onto my computer and request a sitter has been so awesome. I can make appointments and plans without having to find childcare first because I know TOS will always be available to help me. M.F.

What would you tell other parents thinking about using Time Out Sitters for the first time?

Try it, and be specific with your needs and expectations. You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of care you receive and how well you are matched with a wonderful helper. C.M.

Relax and know you are taken care of! It’s a good feeling. C.C.

Do it! It’s a great service, affordable and takes the stress out of finding reliable childcare. M.F.

Why haven’t you tried it sooner?!! K.B.

Time Out Sitters

Want to know more about Time Out Sitters?

Check out their website,, and read Babysitter Etiquette 101: Advice from Time Out Sitters. Time Out Sitters owners Katie and Tiffany are more than happy to answer any questions from parents and welcome phone calls from new families. They want to make sure every family feels comfortable before requesting their first sitter.



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