A Rendezvous at Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing

Our team was thrilled to partner with Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing earlier this month for our very first Rendezvous Event. The goal of Rendezvous Events is to let our readers learn and try something new. And that they did! The expert therapists at Massage Heights pampered more than 25 tired mamas and taught us about their different massage services and aromatherapy products that help elevate the mind, body, and soul. The night was a resounding success and one that must be recounted for anyone who missed it.

Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing
As attendees entered the doors, they were greeted by our Alamo City Moms Blog team and asked to fill out a thorough questionnaire regarding areas of stress. This helps Massage Heights therapists tailor each service toward your needs and avoid any areas of sensitivity. Next, moms enjoyed bubbly drinks and healthy hors d’oeuvres as they mingled and waited to be called back for their pampering sessions.

Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing

Retreat Director Jennifer Gaskill set up the evening by preparing five rooms for each attendee to visit for a duration of 5–10 minutes. She seriously knows her stuff and planned an amazing night for each one of us. All the retreat spaces are dimly lit, soothing, and relaxing. Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing
The first room focused on facials. As a person who loves massages, I’ve never really thought a facial was necessary to relieve stress. Boy was I wrong! The cool stones applied around the eyes and temples melted tension that I wasn’t even aware of. Screen-time, sun, and stress put excessive strain in and around our eyes often leading to headaches. I’ll definitely ask for this service at my next visit. They also offer facials that emphasize skin care and blemishes.

Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing

Aromatherapy plays a big role at Massage Heights. Aromatherapy fragrances help you to mentally focus and recenter your mind into the here and now. The room dedicated to this therapy gave the option to choose among Massage Heights’ four essential oils made from renewable resources and cold pressed to keep the therapeutic properties from breaking down. These are:

  • Relax: sweet orange, ylang ylang, and lavender
  • Breathe: eucalyptus, rosemary, and myrtle
  • Energize: sage, sweet basil, and rosemary
  • Relieve: menthol, peppermint, and wintergreen

As a moisturizer, these oils are wonderful for problem areas like elbows and feet that typically have drying and cracking. They can be included in a humidifier or steamer for steam inhalations, which are especially good for congestion or sinus problems. Add them to a compress to assist with headache relief or to pure bath salts for added relaxation when soaking in the tub.

Next door was the stretching room. Every mom walking out that night raved about this service! Apparently it’s something we don’t do enough but greatly helps with flexibility and circulation. Can’t we all use more of that? Stretching out our limbs with the help of the therapists allowed us to elongate tight muscles and move with better ease. I really appreciated the stretching tips the therapists gave me on how to soothe a stiff neck and achy shoulders caused by poor sleeping habits.

Further down the hall, a larger retreat room was set up with massage chairs. If you’ve never had one of these, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Firm pressure applied to the neck, shoulders, and back through various techniques and motions make you never want to leave. As you can see below, the chairs are made to cradle your head and allow for your arms and legs to rest comfortably on padded surfaces. Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing

The last retreat room concentrated on hand and arm massages with aromatherapy lotions. Again, an area I would never imagine needs soothing, but just think about how much your hands do . . . especially for others: wiping noses, carrying children, putting away groceries, folding clothes, need I go on? Circular firm motions between the web of my fingers and joints were the final touches to a much-needed night of serious relaxation.

Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing

Elevating the everyday is the Massage Heights’ philosophy and it’s so important. We can’t always get away for a full day at the spa but a 30–45 minute facial or foot massage can do wonders for keeping your health and wellness more balanced and stress in check.

Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing

As if the five sessions weren’t enough, the staff at Massage Heights spoiled each attendee with a gift bag. Inside were samples of their aromatherapy lotions and sprays. I came home with a Lemon Grass Linen Spray that I love! One mom gave me the genius idea of keeping it my car. Not only is it great for covering up odors but feels like a mini escape every time I step in.

The photo below says it all. When mom is happy, everyone is happy. I highly encourage you make a visit to Massage Heights as soon as you can.

Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing

To learn more about the wonderful services at Massage Heights Deerfield Crossing, visit their website or call (210) 338-8249.

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