Curbside Confession: ACMB Tries Out HEB’s New Curbside Service

We have partnered with HEB to bring this relevant information about HEB’s new Curbside Delivery Service to our readers.

HEB Curbside

There once was a lady who skeptically doubted

that curbside grocery services were to be touted.

This lady was high maintenance, by her own admission,

and when it came to her groceries had a clear vision.

The produce must be crisp, the eggs all uncracked,

the meat must be fresh and all packages intact.

As much as she wanted her groceries just so,

she also wanted the freedom to go with the flow.

She longed for more time, as each of us do,

time for yoga and reading and drinking cold brew.


“Try Curbside” she heard her friends say

so, with reluctance, she tried it one day.

Sitting on her couch, she shopped for groceries online

clad in her PJs and with a nice glass of wine.

“This isn’t so bad” she thought as she clicked,

fruits, veggies, eggs, and meat were all carefully picked.

She selected a pickup time that worked into her next day

And clicked “submit order” and went on her way.


On pickup day she enjoyed her extra hour.

Instead of grocery shopping, she took a shower!

She drove her clean self to the HEB Curbside parking lot.

Greeted with a smile and cookies like a big shot.

Her groceries were loaded right into her back seat,

Carefully placed while she sat, what a treat!

“This is fantastic” she thought with a slow smile,

“I can see this working into my glamorous mom lifestyle.”

She can shop from her couch and have her car loaded?

Realizing she could stay in PJs longer, her head almost exploded.


Her heart, full of HEB love, overflowed with glee.

She drove home giddy, feeling almost carefree.

Her car she unloaded and her groceries she carefully inspected.

She was pleased to see all produce was well selected.

The meat was fresh and the eggs where all whole.

She checked her dairy products, wine and even a sushi roll.

Everything was just as if she had picked it on her own,

the quality and ease of Curbside left her mind blown.


This skeptical shopper, the lady in this story,

is now a believer in the HEB Curbside glory.

She will gladly forgo the in-store grocery store shopping

and use that time for exciting things like laundry and mopping.

Thank you to HEB and your friendly cookie-bearing Curbside team

for giving me back time and making grocery shopping a dream.

HEB Curbside and Daniel

The ACMB team recently got the opportunity to try the HEB Curbside Service, which is currently offered at three different HEB locations in and around San Antonio:

  • Bandera and 1604 HEB Plus!
  • New Braunfels 3 HEB Plus!
  • Potranco and 1604 HEB Plus!

The process is simple. You shop online at the website, select a time and day for pick up, and submit your order. When your pickup time comes, you pull your car unto the Curbside parking lot and are quickly greeted by a employee who confirms your order and then brings out your groceries and loads them into your car.

Our team is spread out throughout the city, so different members visited all three of the San Antonio Curbside locations. We all loved the ease of having groceries waiting for us when we arrived at the store and our kids particularly loved being spared a trip inside grocery store.

If you want a peek at many of the ACMB ladies’ HEB Curbside experiences, check out the Instagram photos tagged #HEBCurbside. (You also get a fair share of awkward ACMB front seat selfies.)

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  1. Jo P October 7, 2016 at 3:42 pm #

    How awesome! What a cute little poem, thanks for the info! Peace