BASIS.ed – One of the Nation’s Best Academic Programs Is Tuition Free and Growing

Alamo City Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with BASIS.ed, a dynamic American educational network that manages world-quality schools. Today, the Director of Student Acquisition at BASIS is on the blog sharing more about their growing charter schools in San Antonio and the unique liberal arts curriculum that inspired a love for learning.


San Antonio’s youngest minds can receive a world-class education while still enjoying a fun-filled childhood. The BASIS.ed primary education program gives young learners access to the nation’s highest-quality charter school network right in our own backyard.

In BASIS charter school classrooms, San Antonio students have access to tomorrow’s skills each and every day. The exceptional teachers, student-driven learning, and unparalleled academic support students experience at BASIS charter schools prepares them for global opportunities in college and beyond. While many primary schools have two teachers per classroom, the BASIS.ed two-teacher model is a little different. In this model, one teach is a Subject Expert Teacher (SET), and one is a Learning Expert Teacher (LET). The SET is just that: a teacher with a minimum four-year degree in that subject, while a LET usually has a degree in education or early childhood education. So imagine that your 1st grade student is learning math from a teacher with a mathematics degree, while your 2nd grade student’s Language Arts class is taught by a teacher whose passion is English; this makes for some enthusiastic teachers and learners in our community. At BASIS charter schools, primary students are exposed to a variety of subject matters, even Mandarin and Engineering.

One of the most unique aspects of the BASIS.ed primary program is the Connections course, which ties multiple subjects together to help students relate different aspects of the world around them. In this course, 1st grade students might read The Three Little Pigs in English and in Mandarin, and then build various model houses and attempt to “blow them down” in Engineering.

fullsizerender_2However, there is a major misconception about BASIS charter schools that needs to be cleared up: even with all this talk about education, curriculum, and academic development, BASIS students are still happy, fun-loving kids. They aren’t “robot children,” as some might say. Quite the contrary, in fact. BASIS charter schools give students an opportunity to be themselves—to let their true spirits and passions fly—and provides them the best environment to do so.

Want your children to be among the happiest kids on the planet?

Not only are BASIS students top-performing, they are also the HAPPIEST! This says a lot about BASIS.ed teachers and the incredible influence they have on our kids every day. Visit our BASIS schools results page to read more about our international benchmarks.

fullsizerender_1Amazing, passionate teachers who are subject matter experts are the secret ingredient to both our students’ happiness and why BASIS charter schools have a reputation of excellence. Our teachers are the best role  models: they manage their classrooms by earning and offering respect; by showing, not telling; and by embodying a continual pursuit of learning and self-improvement.

So why choose BASIS charter schools for your child?

BASIS public charter schools feature a top-ranked liberal arts curriculum that inspires students to love learning, to develop a fascination for critical inquiry, to be independent and formulate their own goals, and to graduate prepared to succeed at top-tier colleges.

Every BASIS San Antonio school is a community of unique individuals. Students drive their own learning and every child is inspired to explore topics that interest them. At BASIS charter schools, students can learn physics from astronauts and literature from poets. They master fundamental skills early in order to embark on advanced academic exploration in middle and high school. BASIS students are preparing to lead our city and the nation.

fullsizerenderWho wouldn’t want this opportunity for their child?

BASIS.ed-managed charter schools will be growing in 2017-18, offering a full K-12 academic program to the Alamo City! Attend our Open House on November 16th to learn more about our expansion plans and unique academic model. RSVP on BASIS San Antonio currently has two campuses: one in the Medical Center at 8519 Floyd Curl Drive and another in the North Central area at 318 E. Ramsey Road.

San Antonio’s youngest minds can receive a world-class education while still enjoying a fun-filled childhood. The BASIS.ed primary education program gives young learners access to the nation’s highest quality charter school network right in our own backyard.

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