Reasons to Love Core Physique Studios, Including First Class Free!

Alamo City Moms Blog is excited to partner with Core Physique Studios located in the Quarry Village. Today, contributor and recent mom, Bridget, shares her experience trying Core Physique Studios’ unique workout.


Mummy Tummy. Baby Belly. Whatever you like to call it—yep, I’ve got it. This extra padding is something new to me and something I’ve never had to struggle with before. I’m seven months post-partum and it’s high time to make a concerted effort to not only lose the baby weight, but also regain my core strength. My upper body strength could use some help, too, for lugging around that 18-pound baby in her 15-pound car seat.

Cute: The baby responsible for this tummy.

Photo Cred: ACMB’s own Jessica of Mewborne Photography

Not cute: Still having to wear maternity pants seven months later. Sorry ladies, no pic for this tragedy. If you want to see it, you have to show up at class with me and see it for yourself.

Look, I have the national chain gym membership. I also love to run and still do—I’ve even started running with the stroller.

But I need something more focused and structured.

Something that uses my precious free time very wisely and effectively.

I have two pre-teen step-kids, a seven-month-old, two dogs, and a full-time job: my free time is not just precious, it’s rare.

Core Physique Studio was all the talk in my neighborhood Facebook group several months ago as they first opened in the Quarry Village. Lots of rave reviews not only about the workout itself, but the instructors, too. I decided to check it out for myself since the first class is free. It was a great workout and I recommended it to the other moms in the Facebook group. My maternity leave ended the following week, and I struggled to balance everything. That was the last (and only) class I went to until I was asked by ACMB to try out another class and write a review. I jumped at the chance because I really did love the workout and because this was a sign from above to get my booty back in gear. It also didn’t hurt that my sisters-in-law had been going in the meantime and had gotten in amazing shape—while I continued to look 5 months pregnant!

Enough about me.

Let me count the ways how this full-body, comprehensive workout is perfect for YOU, my fellow super busy mama:

  1. It’s 45 minutes start to finish.
  2. You can reserve your spot in the class online in advance. (Accountability! Planning!)
  3. Class times for all kinds of mama schedules: early morning, mid-morning, late morning, early afternoon, early evening and weekends. (No excuses!)
  4. First class is FREE.
  5. Fall membership special for new clients: $99 for one month of unlimited classes or $400 for three months of classes. (Budget friendly!)
  6. They have ponytail holders in the bathroom, among other necessities. I love this little touch.
  7. You get to wear fun socks—toes or no toes.
  8. How many more reasons do you need?!?!






Core Physique Studios is centered around the Lagree fitness method. You can read more about it and its history on their website. The workout I experienced is an intense 45 minutes where SLOW and CONTROLLED movements on the Megaformer machine build your strength, endurance, and overall fitness. Yes, it is hard, but not impossible. It is low impact, too—yay joints!


Mamas, do not be intimated by this machine or the group setting. Classes are limited to 10 people and the instructors are fantastic and encouraging. Believe me, you are so focused on yourself there is little opportunity to gawk at others and vice versa. Upbeat music is playing as the trainer guides and encourages you through the different positions, all of which engage your core. Each class will work your legs, arms, glutes, and core.


Me and my fave instructor Shannon!

You will sweat.

You will shake.

You will love it.

The Lagree fitness method is NOT Pilates (Reformer or otherwise). I love me some Pilates, but this ain’t it. This is a unique method I have never experienced. It is not gimmicky. Take them up on their first free class and you will see and feel for yourself the effectiveness of this class.

If you are like me with too many kids, responsibilities, obligations, and extra pounds and not enough free time in the week to get it all done, then join me at Core Physique Studios for a quick, effective, and motivating 45-minute workout that will get you going. See you there!

Core Physique Studios is located in the Quarry Village at 320 East Basse #105, San Antonio, Texas, and their phone number is (210) 896-3891, if you’d like to learn more.

Disclosure: While my loves at ACMB approached me about trying out a Core Physique Studios class for this post, they didn’t know I had already done it once and loved it. They didn’t know I had just committed myself to getting my booty back in shape. And they didn’t know I would immediately sign up for the unlimited classes Fall Special within hours of taking that free class. I’m four classes in and hooked!

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