Almouie Pediatrics: Healthcare for Children Made Simple

Alamo City Moms Blog is happy to partner with Almouie Pediatrics and share information about their comprehensive healthcare services for newborns, children, and teenagers as well as their continued growth in San Antonio.

san-antonio-office-muralFinding the right pediatrician to care for your child as they grow is an important one. In San Antonio, we’re lucky to have no shortage of fantastic doctors and wonderful pediatric practices. However with healthcare becoming increasingly more complicated to navigate coupled with our busy lives, it’s refreshing to find an office that makes the process simple for the patient and their family. One of those offices is Almouie Pediatrics. They have three locations in areas of town that are exploding with growth: McCreless, Helotes, and Westover Hills. Here’s why they deserve a closer look.

san-antonio-office-waiting-roomThe Providers

Dr. Almouie has been practicing for 19 years and is board certified through the American Board of Pediatrics. He is joined by Dr. Jace Balzen, Dr. Diaz –Deleon and other respected providers. Dr. Almouie is also a Fellow of the American Board of Pediatrics. He started his first clinic in Corpus Christi, Texas, and began expanding into locations throughout South Texas and more recently San Antonio. Dr. Almouie is fully vested in the integrity of each clinic by branding it with his very own name. The providers undergo a rigorous, year-long process to be a part of his team. You can rest assured that each doctor is an expert in their field and both the nurse practitioners and physician assistants on his staff hold Masters degrees in Nursing.

In-House Lab

Almouie Pediatrics has a complete in-house laboratory, to include full skin and blood allergy testing and immunotherapy. Yes, you no longer have to schedule blood work or lab testing elsewhere, wait days for results, then schedule a follow up with your doctor to discuss the findings. You can have your results in minutes at Almouie Pediatrics clinics. This is a huge time saver for busy parents! It also makes the flow of your personal information more streamlined and private.


Almouie Pediatrics is a full-service pediatric practice that accepts most insurance and walk-in appointments. They care for children anywhere from newborns to teens. Their services include immunizations, school physicals, acne treatments, same day ADHD treatment with electronic prescriptions, skin disorders, weight management, ear piercing, and the latest innovations in the diagnosing, testing and treatment of allergy and asthma disorders. They also offer entirely “sick” and “well” waiting rooms to minimize infectious disease exposure risks to newborns and well children. This is not to be confused with open room offices that designate one side for well patients and the other for sick; on the contrary, Almouie offers separate rooms, completely sealed off from each other. Same-day sick appointments are also accommodated and you can rest assured that your child’s electronic medical records are easily accessible at all of their offices.


Urgent Care

After-hours urgent care services are offered at Almouie Pediatrics. Yes please! On Mondays, Thursdays, and  Fridays their office stays open from 4 P.M. to 10 P.M., as well as Saturday from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. and Sunday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. I don’t know about you, but my kids usually get sick during non-business hours which makes this service amazing. Not having to wait until Monday for an appointment—or worse, visit a hospital emergency room—is a huge relief. I’d much rather have their urgent care take place at the same place as their well visits, where all of my child’s history and records are present for consistent treatment and care. They’ll even accept walk-ins during these hours if you’re not a patient of record.


Need I say more? If you’re in search of new pediatrician for your child, an expectant mom that wants to be sure your baby-to-come is in good hands, or in need of a more flexible office that accommodates busy schedules, consider Almouie Pediatrics. Learn more about their clinics by visiting their website or calling (210) 372-9898.

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