Why I Choose Year-Round Swimming at Love to Swim and Tumble School

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I have never considered myself a confident swimmer. I’m self taught, and although my body can tread water, I have always shied away from water sports and recreational activities. My husband is the opposite: he loves the beach, water parks, and spending time with friends at the lake. As our family is growing, I see my kids taking after him—or maybe it’s that all kids love the water. For this reason, I want my children to feel comfortable in the water and—most importantly—I want them to learn swim safety. That’s why it gives me peace of mind having them enrolled at Love to Swim and Tumble School‘s year-round swim program. Learning to swim “masterfully” will be a life-saving skill they will use throughout their lifetime. 

A recent blog post5 Reasons Why Our Families Swim Year Round, written by Mary Reilly-Magee, the owner of Love to Swim and Tumble School, articulated many of the reasons I choose swimming as the sport our family commits to throughout the year, more so than soccer or the other popular seasonal sports. Don’t get me wrong, watching my three-year-old play soccer is one of my sweetest memories, but the sport also ate up much of our weekend time, and once the season was over, the uniform and shoes collected dust. Multiply that times three kids and yeah, you get it. On the contrary, Love to Swim and Tumble School’s temperature-controlled facility allows for my kiddos to swim all year long in a comfortable environment even as the seasons change. Here, they build their safety skills, confidence, discipline, social skills, and physical fitness throughout the entire year. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons stated in the article.

1. Safety

Mary (a.k.a. The Swim Lady) says the ability to swim 300 yards nonstop dramatically lowers the possibility of drowning. Every parent wants their child to be safe, especially around water. Although no child is ever drown-proof, swim lessons provide children with the skills to keep them safer in and around water.

2. Confidence

Setting and accomplishing goals helps kiddos develop an “I can” attitude. When a child gains confidence in the pool, they are more willing to try new, harder things. This sets them up for overcoming challenges in the classroom, on the playground, and in social situations. In fact, in the short time my kids have been enrolled, I’ve seen their faces light up and just beam with pride as they ring the bell signaling to the rest that they have completed a swim level and are moving up. 

3. Discipline

Swimmers learn self-discipline, work ethic, commitment, goal setting, and how to overcome challenges. Some skills are hard and it takes time for a child to master them. However, through practice and self-discipline, my children will learn them. My role as the parent is to support them through plateaus and celebrate with them in breakthroughs.

4. Social Skills

Through swim lessons, children learn how to interact with other children and to be a part of a class or team. Learning to take turns, be patient, and respecting others all while forming strong relationships is part of each class. My children also learn to celebrate the success of another and are positively challenged by the skill sets of their peers.

5. Physical Fitness

Swimming increases endurance, builds muscle strength, soothes the mind, regulates breathing, and stimulates circulation. It is a wholesome activity that can be enjoyed year-round. It is so much better than sitting in front of a screen or being rained on in a field.

Love to Swim and Tumble School starts swim classes as early as 6 weeks old. It’s never too early (or too late) to learn to love to swim. Learn more about the classes offered at their three convenient locations by visiting their website

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