ShopSATX 2016: For the Home

{Disclosure} #ShopSATX2016 is a sponsored post. That said, we sourced each and every gift included in this San Antonio holiday shopping guide and included only our very favorite local ideas and companies. We encourage you to support San Antonio and shop local this holiday season!

ShopSATX 2016: For the Home

Thanks & Gigem / Wreath

Founded by and owned by two Aggie moms, who may be partial to Texas A&M, these ladies strongly believe every fan deserves to show their colors no matter the size of the school or where the school is located. They love being the ones to add that color to your home, dorm, or tailgate. As for holidays and special occasions, they love them, too, and it brings them joy to help you add that little bit of happy to your celebration. Most importantly, they want what they make to be uniquely yours, so don’t hesitate to ask them to create something just for you!

Bear & Roo Candle Co. / Candles

Bear and Roo Candle Co. was created by Michael and Tia Molinar in 2006 as wedding gifts. The company is named after their children, Chloe “Bear” and Reese “Roo.” They specialize in 100% soy wax candles that are beautifully scented and clean burning. Soy wax creates less soot and a great scent throw. They also burn longer than petroleum-based waxes. They use pure cotton wicks for a clean burn. They make them by hand in small batches and each one is unique. And best of all, you are supporting a local family business.

OneMeanWoman Soaps / Texas Collection Soaps

OneMeanWoman Soaps & Such are handcrafted in small batches locally by OneMeanArtisan. All soaps are formulated using food-quality, skin-loving ingredients: olive oil, long recognized for its skin conditioning properties; coconut oil, for cleansing, as well as lather; and sustainable palm oil, for creaminess and overall longevity of the soap bar. To this base of luxurious oils are added varied ingredients for scrub, fragrance, and color. OneMeanWoman Soaps & Such uses FDA-approved, cosmetic-grade glitters, micas, and pigments, and only the finest essential oils and skin-safe, phthalate-free fragrances.

Boyd's Farm / Lavender Kit

Boyd’s Farm was created in 2015 by Air Force veteran Katherine Couron to bring artisan apothecary products to Central Texas. Boyd’s products are handmade and crafted with high-quality ingredients, many sourced from Texas and US-based farms. Upcoming products from Boyd’s will capture the scents of the South and transform them into fine fragrances for body and home. Boyd’s Farm Lavender Kit includes bar soap, aromatherapy facial mist, and agave wash cloth packaged in a hand-stamped gift bag.

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