Recap I San Antonio Moms Enjoy Costco Mom Hour 2016

Alamo City Moms Blog happily partnered with Costco stores in San Antonio and the surrounding area for Costco Mom Hour.


Costco Mom Hour sign

Moms, kids, grandmas, and a few brave dads around San Antonio showed up to Costco in full force on Friday, November 4 for the second annual Costco Mom Hour. Costco opened up their doors an hour early for some holiday shopping and goodies.  

When 9:00 A.M. arrived, the first 100 guests were treated to some generously stuffed, goodie-laden swag bags. The lucky 100 got a sampling of Kirkland Brand products and a few other samples. All guests were given a Treasure Hunt form to fill out throughout the store, and two participating guests at each Costco were awarded a $100 gift card.

swag bag loot

As shoppers made their way into the store, they were welcomed with coffee, juice, and baked goods.  As expected, most kids made a beeline to the juice and most moms went right to coffee. From my vantage point behind the snack table, I’d (unscientifically) deem the pumpkin bread the most popular and most quickly grabbed baked good. The holiday cranberry chocolate bread was a close second. I’d also like to offer up my observation that kids are much more content in their shopping cart seat when they are eating pumpkin bread, allowing the cart pusher to do some actual shopping. Well played, Costco, well played.

Costco had the store thoughtfully stocked with kid-friendly samples and more than a few moms enjoyed letting Costco take care of both breakfast and a morning snack for their hungry kids.  

Moms got a chance to peruse the holiday offerings throughout the store. Costco is fully stocked with great books, unique toy sets, holiday clothing, and festive decor. Shoppers without kids in tow did some early Christmas shopping. Those with kids in the carts made mental notes about what to might look good under their Christmas tree. Need a Christmas tree? Costco can help you out with that, too. Check out these giant trees, flanked with the famous Costco Bear (check out #costcobear on IG) and some of the ACMB team.  

Costco Mom Hour 1

I’m not sure how Santa will fit the Costco Bear in the sleigh, but that bear is a guaranteed smile inducer (and a guaranteed room hog). 

Costco Mom Hour

Our team is full of loyal Costco shoppers and after greeting ACMB readers and guests at the door, some team members took advantage of the quieter-than-normal store and got some pre-weekend shopping done. Here’s a peek at Amanda’s cart:

Warehouse Shopping

We hope those of you who attended the second annual Costco Mom Hour made all your Costco dreams come true! Special thanks to Costco for partnering with the City Moms Blog team all across the U.S. to both open your stores early and to feed our readers during the Costco Mom Hour. Now if you could only explain to us how we are supposed to get that giant bear home . . . .

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