From To-Do to Ta-Dah: Walmart Online Grocery Pickup Service

Alamo City Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with Walmart Online Grocery to explain more about the convenience of their online ordering and pickup service. 

My husband is the grocery shopper in our house. I make the list and he makes the trip. However, there are always those times he’s away and I just need a few things from the store. It’s these experiences that have taught me a “quick trip to the grocery store” never is. The circus of dressing three little ones, loading them into the car, and strapping each one into a car seat is enough to make me question whether the trip is necessary at all. Then factor in potty breaks and meltdowns while weaving through the aisles of the supermarket and it’s enough to make me regret I ever left home. When Walmart Online Grocery reached out to Alamo City Moms Blog about trying out their grocery pickup service, I was all in. They turn your “to-do” into “ta-dah” . . . done!  

Walmart Grocery offers the option to shop via their website or smartphone app. Apple users can download the Walmart Grocery app and Android users, Walmart Grocery Check-In. It’s free: just enter your zip code to find your nearest Walmart location and start shopping right away. 


The app is clean, user-friendly, and fast. Items are organized by department or you can search by product name. Only the freshest items are selected, so rest assured that purchasing produce and meat through this service is safe. If there ever were a problem, they offer a money-back guarantee.

img_0541-2Once all of your grocery selections have been made and you review your list, the shopping cart tallies up your total with taxes so you can pay online. During checkout, you’ll see another cool feature: it’s a “substitute” box alongside each item you are going to purchase. If checked, you’re granting the personal shopper permission to swap out your item for another that is comparable in brand, price point, and quality in the event your original selection is not available. The store will make any price adjustments necessary if items are substituted or not available before you arrive for pickup and then point these changes out to you in person. Either way, you will have peace of mind that only the finest selections have been made with Walmart’s everyday low prices. 

Next you’ll choose a pickup time that is convenient for you. Hour window time slots are offered. As you’ll see below, a confirmation of my order and pickup is displayed along with an email confirmation. Now I am able to sit back, relax, and get other work done. img_0409-2

A personal shopper literally does the work for you and then packs it up with care to be ready for your arrival. It’s pretty awesome.

Once at Walmart, look for the Pickup Service sign usually located on the left side of the store and follow the signs to the designated parking area. See below for what these spots look like. I called the number to let them know I was here and they promptly came out with my order.


Look how happy the Walmart attendants were while loading up my car! They even gave me a gift bag full of goodies for being a first-time user. Oh, and did I mention there are no service fees? None. It’s totally free! Same everyday low prices and the convenience of shopping from your couch. I know, it’s almost too amazing to believe. 


Do yourself a favor and try this new shopping experience today by visiting their website or downloading the app. You can thank me later.

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