Don’t Forget Santa’s Other Helpers!

It’s that time of year when we have a love-hate relationship with shopping… Christmas. I love the sparkle of tinsel and ornaments in stores, the music of the season playing, the overwhelming scent of cinnamon brooms burning my nostrils, the sweat on my back from wearing many layers to survive the strange weather in San Antonio, and the endless checkout lines with frustrated people of all ages. Who wouldn’t want to participate from a distance? Thank goodness for online shopping…


Which means packages. ALL. THE. PACKAGES. In our house, it’s from Amazon, Target, Amazon, Kickstarter, Amazon, and the guy who prints for my business. Oh, and Amazon. To that end, we were inspired by a post on Facebook sharing a kindness extended to the men and women helping Santa get some gifts in our hands before the holidays. Also, I needed to channel my 5-year-old’s endless energy and use her to make some cookies (an experience so traumatic for me, I might have to wait a year to write it) for school and for this project. Anyway.


christmas cookies

youTube makes this look so easy. It is not.


christmas treats

Holiday treats basking in the holiday glow.


I tested out a few different versions of what to print because my handwriting is less than awesome after writing addresses and closings on over 50 holiday cards. Of course, the printer is out of color ink. (This is why I don’t craft on the regular…no one would Pin my things) 

We found a basket we likely acquired from a burger joint somewhere nearby and loaded up the bags of cookies and treats and brought it out as we prepared to leave for school.


“Dear delivery friends… guess I forgot to order ink.”


She saw with her eagle eyes our mail carrier down the block and began to squeal and wave her arms to flag him down. I walked to the curb with her so he didn’t think it was an emergency, like she was lost in the street or something crazy.


This guy is my hero. He’s here delivering my madness between 7 and 8 in the morning. Sometimes we’ll see him again at 6 in the evening. AND HE’S ALWAYS SMILING. He’s her hero because he delivers things and has a cool ride, and is always kind.


We’ve made a couple of things for you to print & use. Make sure you have ink. 😉 Clink on the images for a link to a printable PDF version.





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