Choosing the Right School for Your Children: Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs

We are thrilled to partner with Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs to bring you information on their teaching style, unique approach to educating children and upcoming Open House on January 29 at 3–5 P.M. Today on the blog, you’ll read one parent’s perspective on why Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs was the right fit for their family.

1In the spring of last year, I became keenly aware that my first grader needed a different school atmosphere than what was available at our local elementary school. The school was good, as are many of the teachers, but I noticed that my little girl was getting lost in the crowd. She is extremely bright, but somehow the large class sizes and manner in which concepts were presented just didn’t allow her to grow. When she struggled, we didn’t learn about it until the class had already moved on to the next concept. When we tried to remedy the situation, the teacher offered more work, resulting in our six year old doing more homework than many middle school kids. We started tutoring her using more traditional teaching methods with less emphasis on test prep and saw a huge improvement in her work; we also saw that she quickly grasped the concepts that she struggled with at school. We realized that she needed something different. We accepted that the large class sizes and curriculum of the public school was not the best fit for our little one, and so we began the school search.

4After touring countless schools in the area, we came upon Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs (BFSMS). We had come to BFSMS for Pre-K 4 and like many, moved on to public school for kindergarten because our elementary school had such a great rating. When we came back for the tour of BFSMS, it immediately felt right. The atmosphere of the campus is warm and charming, with the classes built right into nature—mature oak trees create a comforting canopy over the outside hallways and pathways. The classrooms are incredibly inviting with seasoned teachers who are true evangelists of the curriculum.

5In our discussions with the teachers, we learned that the school follows the Core Knowledge Curriculum, not to be confused with Common Core. Core Knowledge is a project-based, integrated curriculum, which enables students to create connections from one subject to another. For instance, in first grade, the students may learn about modern day and ancient Mexico. This subject is clearly covered in history and geography, but is also woven into science studying the geographical features of the earth’s surface, linking back to Maya, Inca, and Aztec civilizations. It is then covered in language arts with Hispanic folktales, and in music through traditional Mexican songs. It is not a disparate form of study; rather, each subject builds on each other, so the children can better understand and link the concepts. This approach makes so much sense!

Before we made the decision, we met with some BFSMS families and knew this was the right fit. They talked to us about the benefits of the small class sizes, explaining that your child always has the chance to participate in the class discussions as well as the teachers having more time to really focus on each individual student. Even more, this non-denominational school offers faith-based teachings which includes weekly chapel service and faith teachings within the curriculum.

bucknerWe enrolled our oldest for second Grade and our youngest in Pre-K and could not be happier! Our girls are happy, thriving, learning how to think and problem solve, all while forming their own relationships with God. It has been so wonderful watching them over the past few months come in to their own and flourish. We struggled with the decision of making the change, but could not be more pleased with our decision. After going through this experience, we encourage you to research the schools around you and make sure that you choose the right school not just because of proximity or because that’s where all of your friends’ kids go. Find the school that will give your child the best education and experience for them! There is no greater gift a parent can give their children than that.

bfms_logo_final-png-2I am so thankful for Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs and want everyone to know about this amazing school and community. Please attend the Open House on January 29 from 3 P.M. to 5 P.M. at 975 Mission Springs, San Antonio, Texas 78258, at the corner of Wilderness Oak and Canyon Golf, or learn more any time at

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