Five Things I Won’t Do in 2017

So instead of the typical list of things I’ll do as resolutions in 2017, I’m hoping if I reframe them as things I won’t do it will make them easier to cross (er, not cross?) off my list.

My non-binding resolutions cover everything from fiscal matters to self confidence to organization—all things we let rule our resolution lists every year.

This year, sit back and make a list of things you won’t have to keep track of, and then get rid of that list too.

Here’s mine (in no real order of priority):

1. I will not completely stress out over my daughter’s first birthday. We already have a theme, so the rest is cake, right?! The fact that I already have a theme may indicate that I’m stressing out, but I promise I’m just a planner.

2. I will not let other moms’ comments on their parenting choices make me think they are judging mine. I’m the mom who wrote about New Mom FOMO. Worrying about what others think often goes hand in hand with the FOMO thing.

3. I will not go crazy buying Fiesta medals. At least not for myself. Buying them for Anabel is a whole different story. I know it’s early, but I’ve already seen some good ones for 2017! Share any you’ve seen in the comments!

4. I won’t let the Christmas decoration bins sit in the garage until Christmas 2017. They will make it to the attic and thus enable me to feel zenful every time I pull into the garage, which was the opposite of how I felt every time I had to skirt around them with a new baby in an infant carrier this year.

5. I most definitely will not stop taking photos of this dear sweet child of mine every chance I get. I relish the moments and love the ability to capture them, and I know that I will treasure every single one of the thousands of digital images for years to come. And I will eventually print a few of them out, too.

What won’t you be doing in 2017? Feel free to share, or not share, in the comments below. 

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