An Evening of Fun and Laughter with Tracey’s Fancy

Alamo City Moms Blog loved partnering with Tracey’s Fancy to get the word out about her fantastic business!

It’s all the craze these days: those cute wooden signs that adorn lawns and hang from doors of houses in your neighborhood. You see them in big box stores and all over Etsy, so we were thrilled to spend an evening creating our very own, personalized jumbo wooden Christmas ornament signs with none other than local designer, painter, and teacher extraordinaire, Tracey of Tracey’s Fancy

Tracey started out by creating and refurnishing furniture in ways that were funky, fun, and designed to create that “wow” factor in her clients’ homes. She also offers design services and does personalized painting parties where she comes to you, and she brings every single thing you need to create your own fabulous piece of artwork. And when we say she brings everything, we mean everything. The only thing you need to provide to host a party is a place to paint! 

When we arrived at Amanda’s studio to get started for the evening, everything we would need to create our ornament was laid out for us and ready to go. The only prep work we had to do was enjoy a glass of wine and chit-chat with each other while we waited for everyone to arrive!

Once we settled in to start our projects, Tracey took the lead and helped walk us through every step to create our own individual masterpieces. It started out pretty simple: a nice white wash that any novice painter could complete! It quickly because more intense, but all we had to do was reach into our baggies to find the tools we needed. Tracey walked around the whole time, asking who she could help and even assisting a few of us as we made the all important decision of whether to adorn our signs with backgrounds of polka dots or stripes.

Tracey provided a great amount of support, too, for those of us who may be a tad perfectionistic in personality. She helped make sure everything was to our liking, while reminding us that it is OK to get creative and make the project our own!

What was even more special than the ornaments we created was the conversation we were having with each other. There were lots of much-needed laughs as we enjoyed time away from the busyness of the holidays and everyday mom life. As the evening wrapped up, Tracey made sure that all of our pieces were dry and ready to go. She came equipped with high-powered hair dryers to help with the humidity and was happy to put the final touches on our signs for us. The finished products from our painting party were unique, personalized, and great additions to our holiday decor! 

If you are looking for a fun activity to do with fellow moms and girlfriends, we highly recommend a painting party with Tracey’s Fancy! You can contact her here, and make sure to check out her website for upcoming parties. She is hosting a personalized party at Nursery Couture in February that is open to everyone!


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