Mox Shoes, Because They Go With Everything…

Alamo City Moms Blog is excited to partner with Mox Shoes through this sponsored post. Several of our team members have fallen head over heels for these cute and comfy shoes, and we just know you will love them too!

In most parts of Texas, winter often means you can still wear flip-flops. The thing is, my toes are not fit for viewing after October until at least April (for Fiesta). What’s a girl to do?

Enter Mox shoes!

Being a mom and an entrepreneur, my daily activity varies. Sometimes I need pants, and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I have to race across town immediately, and sometimes I have time to get dressed and look presentable. Being able to slip some shoes on my feet to hide my toe-claws is super appealing.

Starting the day with coffee and #NotCaillou

Mox shoes are made in many awesome colors, though the popularity of some colors can make it hard to wait for your shoes to arrive. Mox graciously provided me with a pair in Coral, which goes with my wardrobe of black, jeans, and whatever clean leggings are on hand.

These are my Space Donut leggings. Are you jelly?

I admit, my feet were a little cold, because winter means cold until 10:00 A.M. and then hot until 7:00 P.M. However, these were pretty comfortable after chasing kids through the parking lot and into their classrooms. BONUS: NO FOOT SWEAT. These shoes are made entirely of synthetic rubber, and the design allows for ventilation. If they get a little dirty,  you can wash them with dish soap, and some customers have showered with them, making these an AWESOME beach, cruise, and pool option. (My only concern is them melting in the epic heat of summer at the beach.)

Coral matches my BIOHAZARD sticker.

I ran into a friend while on my work rounds, and she commented on my lack of Chucks. I told her the Mox story, and she quickly pulled up the store on her phone and bookmarked it for later. Even feet in clogs need a break after a 12-hour shift on the Labor and Delivery floor. (Can you imagine if these came in teeny tiny sizes for babies? Ahh!) Onward!

Running a couple of errands after my rounds meant I had a chance to stop in to one of my favorite stores. I took it as a sign that my shoes matched this beacon of wine, so I loaded up.


Matches my favorite SALE sticker.

Afternoon refreshments with alcohol and sorbet and grass in between my toes.

The best things about Mox:

  • They really do go with everything, from my Roe leggings to my jeans. I will need to get another pair or two for vacationing and life-ing.
  • Did I mention all the colors? Coral, grape, gold, platinum, latte, black, blueberry.
  • These are great to keep for shoe emergencies and quick jaunts that require shoes, like grocery shopping after a full day in heels.
  • Mox are created by two SAHMs who found a way to be fashionable AND practical while chasing their five kids.

Coral survived an entire day with me and will live to see many days ahead!

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  1. Shelly Hair February 10, 2017 at 1:30 pm #

    Are they “roomy” enough for wide feet? 🙂