St. Patrick’s Day Printables

 Today I am sharing a few St. Patrick’s Day printables that I am sure will put a smile on your little one’s face.   


For this project you will need to print the bag topper. I would suggest printing it on card stock. This gives the topper a bit more weight and sturdiness. Cut the topper out and fold in half. Then fill a small snack-sized sandwich bag with any snack of your choice (doesn’t have to be candy). I used double-sided tape to keep the bag topper secured. You can also choose to staple it shut. I will be surprising my boys with a little after school snack with these toppers!

I have a preschooler at home and am always looking for new ways to sneak in a lesson here and there. What better way than to go on a fun color hunt this St. Patrick’s Day? Head out on a nature walk or run around your own house and encourage your child to look for items that match the colors on the sheet. They can check off the boxes or illustrate what they saw. They will be having fun and learning a little about colors too. 

To download, simply click on the links below:

Rainbow Bag Topper

Rainbow Color Hunt

Hope you have a fun and colorful St. Patrick’s Day! 

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