Five Things to Know About St. Mary Magdalen School

ACMB is thrilled to partner with St. Mary Magdalen School to share information about the school with our readers. This is a sponsored post.

St. Mary Magdalen School, located west of Olmos Park, has been serving San Antonio students since 1942. St. Mary Magdalen School (SMMS) cultivates a growth mindset, bilingualism, multiculturalism, and strong character inspired by the gospel and Catholic Social Teaching. Here are five things to know about St. Mary Magdalen School.

1. SMMS is a Dual Language Catholic School—the first Dual Language Catholic School in Texas. They have partnered with two universities, UTSA and Boston College, to ensure a rigorous and effective dual language program. SMMS uses a 50:50 model, with about half of the daily instruction in Spanish and half in English. Teachers work together as dual language teams, and students benefit through daily immersion. Read more here.  

2. Sixty different ZIP codes are represented among the student body at SMMS. Research continues to show that socioeconomic diversity has positive student outcomes. SMMS is proud to have a robustly diverse group of families and students.

3. SMMS has a 1:1 Chromebook program. Starting in Kindergarten, each student is empowered with a Chromebook and teachers introduce grade-specific, digital academic instruction. As students progress through academic stages, different technology-based programs and applications keep students engaged and learning. Older students use Google Classroom and benefit from the rapidly evolving landscape of educational technology. Today’s students are digital natives and, as most parents can attest, are often most engaged when using a screen. SMMS seizes that engagement to keep students interacting, learning, and growing.  

4. The SuccessMaker program provides specific and targeted instruction to each student. SMMS pairs the 1:1 Chromebook program with SuccessMaker curriculum and technology. SuccessMaker is diagnostic, adaptive, and specifically tailors instruction to each student. SMMS is seeing incredible results with the program for both students and staff. Students are able to access their SuccessMaker account from most electronic devices, allowing for learning opportunities away from school during weekends and school breaks, including summer!  

5. SMMS is a great alternative to day care. During the academic year, SMMS serves students ages 3 and up, and students can be at school from 7:00 A.M.–6:00 P.M. Pre-K students enjoy a rich academic and spiritual curriculum with plenty of room for play and imagination. Tuition is affordable, and there are substantial multi-children discounts.  

San Antonio is lucky to have St. Mary Magdalen School, a dual-language, affordable, growing, and dynamic Catholic School centrally located in our great city. Learn more about St. Mary Magdalen School on their website and Facebook page .

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