Spotlight on Water Safety

ACMB is grateful to partner with Love to Swim and Tumble School to share this relevant message on water safety. This is a sponsored post.  


Surviving summer in South Texas pretty much requires weekly (or daily) trips to a pool or splash pad. San Antonio has a wonderfully large amount of public swimming pools, natural water holes, and neighborhood pools, so there is a good chance you and your kids will be in or around water for much of the summer.

For all the fun and heat relief water can bring, it also brings a very real risk of drowning. It is important to be aware of the dangers of water and even more important to have a plan to reduce the risk of drowning so that you and your kids can have a safe and fun water-filled summer.  

Use a water watcher.

Did you know that 65% of all preschool drownings occur in the child’s home pool? Also as shocking, 70% of all preschoolers who drown are in the care of one or both parents at the time of drowning. Being close to your children in the water is not enough. It is imperative to have an adult tasked with watching the water and not assume that someone else is watching your child. The CDC recommends that parents of preschoolers follow the “touch supervision” guideline, always being within touch distance of your swimmer.  

Love to Swim and Tumble School advocates the use of a Water Watcher (read more on their blog). A Water Watcher is a capable adult swimmer who will provide 15–20 minutes of concentrated focus on the swimming kids and then trade off with another adult. By rotating through supervision shifts, adults can still enjoy social activities while off-duty.  

Asses risk of each swimming opportunity.

When considering a swim opportunity for your kids, assess the risks by asking some important questions:

  • How many kids will be there? How many adults?
  • Who is supervising?
  • Is the size and depth of the pool compatible with my child’s swim skills?  

Ensure your kids know how to swim.

Making sure your children learn how to swim is the best defense to ensure their safety around water. In swim lessons, children learn lifesaving safety techniques and are developed into confident, lifelong swimmers. Love to Swim and Tumble School offers several swim lesson options. Check out their website for more information. 

Love to Swim Stone Oak location, photographed Monday, June 29, 2015. (Photo©Bahram Mark Sobhani)

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