Herobed Unboxing and Review

This is a sponsored post as part of our partnership with Herobed.


I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Herobed mattress, and I’m absolutely loving it! From the easy shipping, to the unboxing (and the fun cape they send in the welcome kit), to sleeping on it, I couldn’t be happier. 

Herobed prides itself on being an affordable hybrid mattress for the everyday hero, like us moms (heck, yeah we’re heroes!). I’ve had some sort of coil mattress for about 10 years now and was excited to get a new one. The Herobed is a cross between a foam and innerspring mattress, with pocketed micro coils and high-quality foam. I’ve never tried a foam mattress before, and the first thing I noticed is that it doesn’t bounce you around much, which is important when you have little ones still sneaking into your bed at night. I can sleep soundly without them jolting me awake as they clamor into bed. 

And I sleep soundly even when my kids aren’t kicking me with their feet, too. At the end of a long day single mom-ming it, Herobed’s got my back and gives me the perfect amount of firm support to rest up for another day.  


When the mattress box first arrived on my doorstep, I was worried it would explode like biscuits from a can if anyone bumped into it. But to my relief, it wasn’t like a jack-in-the-box popping out. You do have to open the box and take the plastic-wrapped mattress out before you have to worry about it expanding. They also have a fun little welcome kit at the top of the box, including a cape you can wear before or after setting your mattress up. 

The setup was pretty easy to do even by myself but would probably go faster with another pair of hands (you definitely don’t want to lift the box by yourself—I had to shimmy mine back to my bedroom). You can see the whole process of unboxing and setting up my mattress in the video below. All in all, it took me about 10 minutes. 

And of course I had to go and buy myself some new bedding from Tar-jay. Now to just figure out an easy way to de-wrinkle my comforter–and get rid of my old mattress! 

Interested in a new mattress? Herobed is offering ACMB readers a $100 discount! Follow this link and use CMBN100 in the Coupon Code box when you check out. Enjoy!

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