Science Fiction, Science Future: Explore the Future of Science with The DoSeum

We are always thrilled to partner with The DoSeum. This is a sponsored post.

Robots. Mind Control. Holograms. Augmented Reality. San Antonio. What do all of these have in common?

The DoSeum! The DoSeum, a favorite of San Antonio families, just unveiled its latest exhibit: Science Fiction, Science Future. From October 7, 2017–January 6, 2018, DoSeum visitors can visit this exclusive exhibit that allows for kid-friendly, hands-on interaction and experimentation with evolving technology.  

This unique exhibit challenges children to scientifically ask, “What is fact?” “What is fiction?” and perhaps most importantly, “What is possible?” Lovers of science fiction will be in their element as they visit each of the 16 interactive stations spread throughout the visually enticing exhibit.

The exhibits are hands-on, full-body experiences that let kids and parents experiment with new and evolving technology like robots, mind control, and augmented reality. Kids will delight in turning invisible (albeit temporarily), interacting with a mimicking robot, and controlling a computer with just their eyes.

The Science Fiction, Science Future exhibit both masterfully explains much of the science behind some of the most well-known science fiction concepts and conjectures how some of these concepts could be a part of our future reality. Robotics, Innovation, and Medical Technology are all highlighted in this dynamic, interactive, and curiosity-piquing exhibit.

The Science Fiction, Science Future exhibit is included with general admission to The DoSeum through January 6, 2018. Guests can still enjoy the beloved Spy Academy, Explore, Little Town, and Big Outdoors. The DoSeum is open daily and offers both day passes and family memberships. Plan your visit to The DoSeum here.  

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