Remedy Urgent Care: A Busy Mom’s BFF

ACMB is happy to partner with Remedy Urgent Care to share information about their services with our readers.  This is a sponsored post.  

School drop-off. Work. Pick-up. Swimming. Reading minutes. Sight words. Dinner. Bath. Bed.

I feel like we’re insanely busy, and we’re only three months into Kindergarten. I anticipated an ease-in-one-toe-at-a-time transition—not a cannonball-into-the-deep-end transition—and I certainly wasn’t prepared, mentally or physically, for squeezing in anything extra, including a flu shot. 

Enter my new BFF.

She didn’t bring me coffee or take my carpool shift, but Remedy Urgent Care ranks up there with Curbside and PrimeNow for this busy mama. It’s easy, fast, affordable, and the physician’s assistant who came to give my family flu shots was as nice as can be.

Remedy Urgent Care, newish to San Antonio but well established in our northern neighbor Austin, pretty much does it all, providing medical care in the comfort of your home or office. No more taking the not-sick siblings to the pediatrician with one sick kid. No longer do you have to load everyone in the car for an achy ear. No stress over a tummy issue and proximity to a bathroom (because who wants to clean up puke in the car if you don’t have to?). No more wrangling the kids in your doctor’s office because the bug finally caught up with you. A quick online request (or phone call if you feel like talking to someone!), some basic info filled out, and the nice folks from Remedy are at your door in what feels like no time. 

What can Remedy help with, fix, and do? Just about anything you’d go to an urgent care facility OR call the pediatrician’s office first thing in the morning for, including: colds, fevers, flus, sore throats, earaches, and headaches; skin infections, rashes, fungus, and burns; minor injuries like strains and sprains, lacerations, and minor fractures; physicals required for school, sports, camp, or work; and labs for strep, flu, pregnancy, STI, UTI, and blood work. 

Husband suffering from a man-cold? Remedy. Pick up a kiddo from school in the middle of the day? Remedy. Trip over a pile in the play room and don’t want to haul everyone to the urgent care to find out it’s just a bad sprain? Remedy. And if you’re like my family and planned on getting flu shots but never found time to actually get said flu shots (which our P.A. confirmed that the CDC reported maximum effectiveness in this year’s prediction and vaccination), Remedy will do that, too.

San Antonio in home medical care doctor

I made the decision to round up the troops for their annual influenza inoculation at about 1:30 in the afternoon last Wednesday. My husband was working from home, we didn’t have anything scheduled for the afternoon, and I could make it up to everyone with an early dinner at our favorite neighborhood restaurant—the stars aligned. A quick online scheduling, a couple of patient forms filled out, and a confirmation call later, we were scheduled for a two-hour window starting at 4:00 P.M. At 4:05 P.M., I received the call that our care team was on the way to my studio. Four flu shots and about 30 minutes later, we were done! Our care team was kind, efficient, well versed in kid-distraction tactics, and we didn’t have to sit in a waiting room, get a shot in the middle of a store for everyone to see (and hear!), or make separate appointments with our pediatrician and family practitioner.

Some things to know about Remedy Urgent Care:

  1. The visit only cost $49 plus our co-pay. A bit more than our pediatrician co-pay, but WAY less than our urgent care or emergency room co-pay (if we were being seen for an emergency or illness). In our situation, the $49 fee covered all four of us receiving our shots.
  2. The care team arrived in an awesome-looking Remedy car. We knew who they were, and it earned “cool” points with my kiddo. 
  3. The Remedy website has their prices clearly listed on the website so self-pay patients will know up-front what they’re paying. No hidden charges and no surprises. 
  4. Your care team will include a board-certified physician or licensed advanced practitioner and a medical assistant, which means you and your family get the undivided attention of two sets of eyes and ears for your visit. 
  5. Remedy is available from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M., covering your day from end to end. 

Ready to give Remedy a try? Use the code “TRYFREE17” to waive the $49 dispatch fee for your first visit. 

As much as I’m probably tempting fate, I honestly can’t wait to get to try the services when one of us is sick. I can’t imagine a better scenario that literally not having to get off the couch (except for opening the door) to see a medical professional, not having to drag my sick kid to the pediatrician for a routine illness, or telling my husband to call for an appointment at his office when he complains about his adult rec-league “sports injury.” Remedy is this busy mom’s new BFF. 


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