Be in the Picture This Year

We are thrilled to have partnered with Owen Chiropractic and Ideal Weight Loss to bring you this post by owner Jennifer Owen.

Will YOU be in the picture this holiday season?

Picture season is coming. I don’t know if some of your holiday pictures look like mine have, but I’ll give you some examples:

  • A group shot taken from the top of the stairs because, well, you know, necks and faces look thinner when looking up.
  • Me, at the far end of the dinner table because distance is a good thing.
  • The kids always gathered in front of me with just my head showing—for an obvious reason.
  • Oh, wait, what’s that weird little line around Mom’s waist, neck, or face? That’s where Mom did a little Photoshopping…

And finally, the worst:

  • Where is Mom? Mom is taking the picture. She volunteered. Actually, she insisted.

Six years ago that was me: the one who avoided the camera and insisted on being behind it. I came from an obese family and started my first diet in the 8th grade. You name it, I tried it! I am a mother of three, and I was working full-time and then some. It was a rat race. I would get home from work, try to help with homework, and feed, bathe, and put the kiddos to bed. As soon as they were asleep, I would fall asleep too. It was a chore to get through the day. I lost an aunt to breast cancer, and when my husband put together a video montage for her funeral I was reminded of how many memories are actually contained in photos. She was my favorite aunt, who did everything with us and was so full of life. Although she did not love the camera, she did not hide from it like I did. I thought, If my kids looked through our photos, would they know I was taking the photo, or would they think I was too busy working to be there? I had to do something!

I knew that research says that extra weight is related to many diseases including cancer, and I wanted to be there for my kids and grandkids. Getting healthy was a must. I started researching Alkaline and Ketogenic diets, and once I found the diet that made the most sense to me, I actually flew to Dallas to get started. I was desperate and wanted an entire lifestyle change, and I was prepared for it not to be easy. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually quite simple! I met with a coach who educated me on much of the science of nutrition, including which foods slow and stop weight loss, and how much sugar is added to food today that actually makes us want to eat more. I learned to try new veggies and how to navigate social situations. After a couple of weeks, my energy was greater than it had been in a long time. I was actually up cleaning my house until late at night because I felt like it! I finally learned how to fuel my body correctly. I lost a total of 43 pounds in a short 12 weeks, and I felt great! There were so many people that watched me struggle, saw the change, and then desired help for themselves—including my mom, who lost 70 pounds on the program and was able to reduce her medications (and get off many all together).  

Consequently, a passion grew in me to help others, especially a desire to help educate moms on the food they feed their children. I founded Ideal Weight Loss of San Antonio in April of 2012. To date, we have helped hundreds of people shed thousands of pounds. In our office we meet with clients on a weekly basis and focus on education and lifestyle changes. We take body and weight measurements and complete a full body composition to make sure our clients are losing fat and maintaining their muscle mass. By following a structured plan that is repeatable, reliable, and sustainable, on average our clients see a substantial weight loss weekly. On plan our clients enjoy eating lean meats, veggies, salads, and a wide variety of delicious meal replacements. There are no stimulants or shots. The support doesn’t end there; clients also receive daily coaching videos, recipes, tips, and excellent counseling and support. The best part is that once our clients get to goal, we see them into a year of maintenance in which they learn how to maintain their weight loss in the real, non-dieting food world.  

Losing weight and adapting a healthy lifestyle are the gifts you not only give yourself, but their ripple effects can positively and dramatically gift those around you. So, are you not visible in your holiday photos? Or are you tired of having to manipulate them? Why can’t this be the year you shine in your photos? Let this be the year you are front and center hugging your kids or beaming at the dinner table. Let this be the year you are thrilled with the Christmas tree picture, and let this be the year you are proud to upload your photos to Facebook. Take selfies with your kids and become an expert at photo bombing. Be in the picture—heck, monopolize it! Be the goofy one and the “I don’t have to worry about how I look” one. I am that person now, and I’m so glad my children will have family pictures where their mom looks truly happy. If you struggle with your weight, you can too, AND you can learn to maintain a healthy weight so you can be a beaming smile in your pictures—always.  

Picture yourself in the picture. At Ideal Weight Loss, we can get you there!

Find us on Facebook and at our two locations: 8018 Broadway Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78209 and 15033 Nacogdoches Rd. #103, San Antonio, TX 78247

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