Five Reasons San Antonio Parents Love the New Indoor Play Area at Ingram Park Mall!

ACMB is happy to partner with Ingram Park Mall to share information about their new indoor play area. This is a sponsored post.  

Ingram Park Mall recently unveiled their brand new children’s play area! This colorful, interactive, open, and bright play indoor play area is already a favorite of San Antonio parents. Here are five things to love about the new Ingram Park Mall play area:

1. One Word: Antibacterial

The 1,080-square foot play area is coated in an antibacterial and mold-resistant substance. Can you hear the collective sigh of relief, coupled with the approving “oh, that’s brilliant” head nod? Coming from a parent whose toddler sucked his middle two fingers throughout his first three years and therefore exposed himself to every possible germ in his toddling radius, I find this antibacterial coated play area genius.  

2. Toddler Play Area 

You know the back-arching, snack-cup-dropping, feet-splayed-wide position your toddler assumes when he/she is done with the stroller? Yeah, me too. Ingram Park Mall has just the remedy to a stroller meltdown: an antibacterial toddler play area! There are toddler-sized climbing obstacles and slides on a soft-floored surface. Your little one will be happy to explore and play in the engaging play area. 

3. Interactive Play Stations

The Ingram Park Mall play area isn’t just for toddlers. The new play area also has two interactive wall panels that are great for elementary-aged kids, with games that encourage spacial problem solving and other analytical skills. Kids can finger draw on the panels, as well as build animals with tangrams and even play two-player games. The games on the panels make sounds and create an overall sensory experience.

4.  Perfect Place to Take a Shopping Break

When shopping with children, a well-designed and centrally located play area can make the difference in a successful shopping trip and a disastrous one. The Ingram Park Mall play area is bright, colorful, and fun. It is the perfect place to take a break during a shopping trip. It’s also a great place to take kids on days when San Antonio’s weather isn’t cooperating. San Antonio parents love the “below the knee” design of the play area that allows for easy visibility of their kids among the play structures.  

5. Location, Location, Location!

The play area is on the lower level near the food court. This means you can grab a bite to eat and let your kids play in the same general area! There is a bar-like seating area around the play area, and food is allowed in that perimeter seating area. The seating area also has charging stations and outlets, perfect for recharging your phone that your kid may have drained during your shopping trip. Adjacent to the play area is the family restroom and a nursing area. This thoughtful placement of family-focused amenities is a gift to San Antonio shoppers.  


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